Started to come here because of fox back in 2016

Learned he was mediocre

Saw shox, s1mple and cold

Got immensly adicted to cs

Stayed for the random shit and good CS :)
Forum posts
Nemiga vs Giants
prob even after is hand is ok don′t expect him to pop off instantly
Endpoint vs sAw
yeah obviously but british food tends to have too much salt in general that being said i wouldn′t mind some salt and vinegar chips right about now
Endpoint vs sAw
Never put too much salt on your fish chap
Nexus vs Giants
GL :)
s1mple deserved win, navi did not
Don't waste your time with that dumbass
sAw vs Sprout
GG and good luck next season for Budapest5 :)
sAw vs Sprout
Uno reverse card
nivera > misutaa
Alternative is academy teams and we all known how those went
Yeah this feels just weird 2020 is a made year
yup also it′s basically an nrg brand so i doubt they′ll bank any cs endeavor anytime soon
Hltv data mines
ex-Mustang Crew vs NAVI Junior
Indeed gotta respect that even their team isn't the best. Fuck that ceo
altered carbon (good scifi show) dont f with cats (documentary about a serial killer) unorthodox (mini-series worth a watch) Animation (comparrison) : death love robots (it′s a blend of a lot of proof...