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    sAw vs Virtus.pro
    But it shouldn't be on major, playing for a half a million dollares with the final being the only game of the day, witch it is it should be Bo5. To see who's really the best
    forZe vs sAw
    sure who doen's pay half a million for a 50k € prize pool fuck logic
    Nexus vs Giants
    but that's the beauty of it bro. when i'm feeling down i come to HLTV to laught at those autism guys. U doesn't like to see retards? everyone does, that's why reality shows exists. HLTV was my favorit...
    Nexus vs Giants
    can someone explain to me why both comunities are friendly to each other? I'm starting to miss the toxicness on HLTV pages :c besides #122 who probably lost his paywork money this page is ultra clea...
    sAw vs forZe
    call me kid as many times you want, i like to fell younger :D well you're wrong but keep thinking that. cya
    sAw vs forZe
    oh i'm sorry can't you understand urban words? Were are on HLTV, not talking to the queen.
    sAw vs forZe
    both xD but i was talking about nexus ofc
    sAw vs forZe
    not good enougth to beat Giants thow xD
    sAw vs Nemiga
    nemiga will pick nuke i think
    sAw vs Illuminar
    on sundays we started drinking on saturdays and even't stopped yet so i agree with u
    sAw vs AGF
    puta merda* and that's sounds french to me bro use: fodasse caralho Filha da grande puta Boi de merda Don't report me for this plz just wana teach you how to insult in another language xD
    sAw vs AGF
    u've miss the verb (é) and if u rly wana soung pt u need to add "caralho at the end of the sentece
    Ambush vs sAw
    with saw vote o rounds when playing with iberian teams/orgs (heretics and mad lions count) they play very often against each others and the games are usually pretty close
    Ambush vs sAw
    ahahahaha you talk about our salary bro we live like kings when we visit poland sry, i mean cheapland
    Movistar Riders vs S2V
    yeah they win online xD on lan they lost on canarias and madrid and won lvp when they were disbanding