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    SJ vs Apeks
    And now that i cashed my apeks wins this series bet and put it on SJ to win 2-0 they go 11-0 on their strongest map.. Okay
    SJ vs Apeks
    15 - 14, if they come back im gonna fucking kill myself
    SJ vs Apeks
    And who the fuck did i put my money on, picking 8% map, goin 6-0 to 7-8 XD
    Wisla Krakow vs Sprout
    Always nice to lose money because of these fucking apes like what the fuck srsly??? Why always this kind of shit happens to the guys I bet on??
    Astralis vs G2
    ill say g2 win 2 - 0 either 2- 1, G2 got so much fighting will now that they have NiKo and from yesterdays performance from Astralis i wouldnt greet them as favorites of this series
    Virtus.pro vs K23
    Srsly? Damn..
    Virtus.pro vs K23
    Didn happen xD
    Yeah vs Rebirth
    Nemiga vs K23
    of course when I once bet on Nemiga they troll or sth???? how the fck can they lose to fucking k23 0-2???
    Vitality vs Complexity
    Yeaaaah, there goes my 4.2k cash out, because noobs calling wrong sites on last round and then this vertigo shitshow... ???♂????♂?
    Vitality vs Complexity
    Yyaaas, and there goes my 500stake 6 games bet which had already 4 games right only this shitshow from coL and BIG were the last and it wouldve been 14.5k :')
    Vitality vs Complexity
    Let me correct for you guys, Zywho is one of the best players in the world (lie tho)
    FATE vs Secret
    Eyyy, did anyone notice that FATEs got the money from matchfixing to get new team shirts!
    Project X vs c0ntact
    Project X vs c0ntact
    Is this fucking real, Ive bet with 6 games, 50e, all other 5 games have gone right and now c0ntact is gonna fuck up my 1200e by losing to fucking losers 0-2?