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    what is deserved man? he had the best score in his team this final
    Snax trolling
    Vaslui is one of the poorest city in Romania, everybody from there is retared that s what im trying to say :)))
    astralis "fans" and hltv.dk admins
    he means that astralis played the final without their sixth player and the result would be different if vitality played without the sixth player
    syrson cheater
    why brazilans are just acusing others for cheating every time when something isnt going their way
    device: "i'm just a baiter, i don't know why people think that i'm good, but i'm happy as long as my team carrying me"
    aha and s1mple is a team player?
    Liquid options
    like NIP did?
    Nexus vs Giants
    nexus is so trash
    Espada vs Nexus
    http://www.yukifujiwara.com/matches/2344633/forze-vs-nexus-flashpoint-2-closed-qualifier http://www.yukifujiwara.com/matches/2344220/nexus-vs-nemiga-esea-mdl-season-35-europe http://www.yukifujiwara.com/matches/2343834/fo...
    Ways to make money
    i made 120$ from just 2$. I started betting on matches till i made like 10$ and after that I made an all in and obv won. With 20$ I was able to get to 120$ just from placing basic bets at roulette. E...
    china vs russia
    at this point i just want china wiped for the face of the earth...i mean this virus started from them and now they dont have any cases while the rest of the world is f dying .there should be some ques...
    MIBR no respect at all
    As long as they get tested before it seams fine to me and plus i want u to try to play a serious session of cs for 3 or 6 hours with a mask and focus on your gameplay and one more thing i didnt saw BI...
    Astralis vs NaVi
    i mean everybody says about s1mple that he s the best he s gonna destroy everyone but he doesnd have some amaizing results as expect...im an astralis fan but i am realistic...ik na vi has a very good ...