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    Nexus vs Lyngby Vikings
    Nexus no :c
    EU Superteam
    KennyS (Awper) S1mple (Awper) Zywoo (Awper) Dev1ce (Awper) Cerq (Awper) Show this to G2 CarlosR on Twitter pls This team would never dominate, just like G2 now, so it's basically the same as now.. b...
    Faze need awper
    retarded amazon worker?
    404 Page not found The requested URL doesn't exist anymore or has been lost in the process of our redesign. Please recheck the URL and try again. If the URL still doesn't work, and you feel we should ...
    reddit hahahahaha
    I have 350 hours in the game and I don't even have a rank yet....
    pro salaries
    No it isn't you gotta believe me dude, it's $10
    MBAPPEEK vs Heretics
    how does a team go from 24-28, 16-13 to lose 16-1 ??????????
    Leaked FalleN plans?
    why do this dudes always want to be surrounded by good young players dude.... just join a boomer Tier 3 team from Brazil and play for fun, let the young players show what they got and not be joined by...
    Leaked FalleN plans?
    Please just don't let this 2 bots join STYKO, zehN, maden Please for the love of God leave the good players alone and create a bot team filled with their brazilian friends
    pro salaries
    dude all Pro players only make $10 a month, how do I know this you may be asking yourself???? Well I just know it, and you gotta believe me.
    Nine to Five 6 Grand Final
    In Portugal the semi finals will be played at 8am and the final at 11am Jesus
    Nexus vs Giants
    Dude I'm from Portugal and I wanna see the portuguese win, but I also wanna see our bros from Romania win :c
    9z vs Isurus
    Thank you Jonathan E. - HLTV.org, very cool.