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    Nexus vs Giants
    Let's go Romania! Let's go Portugal! May the best team win!
    Espada vs Nexus
    Most probably Ragga will play. He is not able to play after 12 pm because he does some recovery treatment, that's why Mhn is standin. But the game is at 4pm and most probably ragga will play. Sorry i...
    Nexus vs Singularity
    "GAs players are nexus s standins" - you are a hater too, man. Don't do it. For moment GA can't compare with Nexus but I hope (For a better scene in Romania) that they will success in their carrers. ...
    FATE vs Nexus
    I don't why the odds for Nexus are so low, because they are not in a very good form. Hopefully, they can make it to the next round :) #NexusRising
    Sinners vs Nexus
    I think it's gonna be ragga
    Lilmix vs Nexus
    Stand-in. Ragga has something to do and can't be available at that hour
    FATE vs Nexus
    If Nexus wins, they got a 50% chance to remains in top8 and get the playoff. #NexusRising!
    GamerLegion vs Nexus
    Hope that nexus will win to be closer to the playoff #NexusRising
    project x
    That's the difference between a VALVE official tournament and shits organized by gambling sites. There are aswell some obvious throws in both kind of tournamets but in gambling ones are much more obvi...
    project x
    Just BETWAY
    Copenhagen Flames vs Nexus
    You should show them that you can write without using your brain. They would be very proud.
    Copenhagen Flames vs Nexus
    You are very smart. Do your parents know what kind of super-evolved creature they created?
    CS:GO World Cup
    Why would you add jaxi... He didn't play any single pro match in 2 years.. I understand you are a fanboy,.. But be fair play... You have Renne, regali, blytz...You can't even compare jaxi with any of ...
    ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Nexus
    If they won't play overpass and inferno, Nexus can get this! #NexusRising
    forZe vs Nexus
    I think Forze will pick Inferno instead of Mirage. Mirage is a decent Nexus pick and I don't know if Forze would risk it... I agree with Train and Dust 2.