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    Lilmix vs GameAgents
    GA is capable of taking a map from lilmix, they are close to Nexus level
    cpu+gpu 300+fps @ 1280x1024 pls?
    You will never be sure of 300+ fps whatever the gear. If you join dm with 24 players, you will most likely drop to 200 or even lower sometimes, even if its rare. In 5v5 that is a different story, my i...
    Nexus vs Wisla Krakow
    judging by nexus trend should be easy for wisla
    Nexus vs Giants
    For them 1 week is ok, 1 week is bad
    Nexus vs Giants
    Don't get impressed by them winning this match. Nexus is VERY (* 1000) inconsistent
    Nexus vs Giants
    Nexus is so inconsistent that their rank is always fake
    Sinners vs Nexus
    he's almost right
    i9 9900k 500-900 FPS in CS GO. It's good?
    People who think that if they buy i9 9900k will give 100% more performance than a 8700k in cs:go are just delusional, you get better average but not much better minimum fps
    i9 9900k 500-900 FPS in CS GO. It's good?
    its not a limitation of the setup, its a contextual limitation and i won't start a thread on this
    i9 9900k 500-900 FPS in CS GO. It's good?
    He doesn't have 500-900 on a 5v5 scenarion at all times. Had the same setup fps can actually even go down to 250 sometimes.
    fat people
    I have been to all states of fatness possible. Right now 85kg. Was 68kg, 90kg, 120kg. 185 cm. I am one of those people who can't eat whatever they like, nomatter the amount and have to work really rea...
    fat people
    Some fat people have to work so much more to be fit than most people.
    Who are you to decide what's cool and what's not?
    water fasting
    If you read my comments again you will understand that after a few days of fasting you SHOULD slowly start eating healthy food and exercising.
    water fasting
    I'm not talking about islam nor do i want to get deeper into this :)