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    Betway Nine to Five 5 Swiss Stage Fantasy live with prizes

    Valuable skin prizes are up for grabs for the users that assemble the best Fantasy teams.

    Betway Nine to Five 5 will take place on October 26 - November 4, with sixteen teams in the Swiss group stage and four joining as playoff invitees. Together with our partner Betway, we present the Fantasy game for the Swiss Stage of the tournament, with skin prizes reserved for the three best users.

    AcilioN ($178,000) has averaged a 1.08 rating since rejoining Copenhagen Flames

    To fight for the prizes, any user can create his team, selecting five players that fit the $1,000,000 budget, and assign roles and boosters to secure additional points.

    HLTV x Betway Nine to Five 5 Swiss Stage Fantasy league prizes:

    1. Navaja Knife | Case Hardened (Field-Tested)
    2. AK-47 | Vulcan (Field Tested)
    3. M4A1-S | Master Piece (Field Tested)

    Our users will be able to select players from a number of European sub-top teams, with the Frenchmen of Heretics, Danes of Copenhagen Flames and x6tence, as well as the European mixture of c0ntact providing some of the most exciting talents.

    The teams confirmed to take part in the group stage are as follows:

    The winners of the official Fantasy leagues will be contacted via the email provided in their HLTV profile, and are required to respond to the email within a month to be eligible to receive their prizes.

    >Valuable skin prizes >Navaja
    2020-10-23 18:03
    4 replies
    -1 navaja best spoon ??
    2020-10-23 18:06
    2 replies
    where's VP ??
    2020-10-24 15:17
    1 reply
    Idk bro, maybe they are too good
    2020-10-25 23:48
    2020-10-23 18:03
    2020-10-23 18:03
    2020-10-23 18:03
    where's Vp?
    2020-10-23 18:04
    2 replies
    2020-10-23 18:05
    Nine to Five is held in two parts, out of these 16 teams 8 teams will reach playoffs where they will again play against each other a knock out match and 4 teams will be left. These 4 team will be seeded with 4 other teams which are invited in advance directly to playoffs, one of which is VP.
    2020-10-23 18:21
    VP is invited to playoffs or do they play group stage? I am confused rn
    2020-10-23 18:13
    2 replies
    As is often a case with these tournaments, teams accept then pull out. Perhaps they are going straight to playoffs, or maybe they aren't playing at all since they qualified for Flashpoint. Stay tuned for official news
    2020-10-23 18:08
    1 reply
    Thanks <3
    2020-10-23 18:10
    2020-10-23 18:09
    finna throw some matches up in here
    2020-10-23 18:13
    xaxaxaxax tier 5 matchfixers
    2020-10-23 18:56
    very nice tournament
    2020-10-23 19:11
    Some more material for police inc
    2020-10-23 19:23
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