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    26th of November 2020
    5d : 12h : 54m : 55s
    Best of 3 (Online) * Round of 16
    OtherBLAST Premier
    OtherBLAST Premier (YouTube)
    Liquid MAD Lions
    1.79 - 1.97
    1.55 - 2.30
    1.65 - 2.15
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    Pick a winner
    MAD Lions
    Keith 'NAF' Markovic
    Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski
    Jake 'Stewie2K' Yip
    Russel 'Twistzz' Van Dulken
    Michael 'Grim' Wince
    United States
    United States
    United States
    Highlighted stats
    (Past 3 months)
    1.21 Rating 2.0 1.23
    0.80 Kills per roundKPR 0.78
    0.69 Deaths per roundDPR 0.57
    72.7% KAST 74.9%
    1.34 Impact 1.22
    86.2 Average damage per roundADR 77.0
    Full comparison
    Rasmus 'HooXi' Nielsen
    Frederik 'acoR' Gyldstrand
    Ismail 'refrezh' Ali
    Rasmus 'sjuush' Beck
    Fredrik 'roeJ' J?rgensen
    Map statsMatch lineup core winrate, past 3 months, min. 3 maps played
    7 maps
    3 maps
    9 maps
    5 maps
    13 maps
    4 maps
    11 maps
    10 maps
    0 maps
    6 maps
    6 maps
    9 maps
    7 maps
    5 maps
    Head to head
    2020-11-12 12:50
    have you failed in NNN yet?
    2020-11-12 12:52
    expected dog liquid to lose
    2020-11-16 18:41
    1 reply
    lets see
    2020-11-17 13:40
    2020-11-16 18:41
    3 replies
    2020-11-16 21:53
    With stewTOOnoob Omegalul.
    2020-11-17 19:39
    1 reply
    he will manage to go at least -5, so liquid wont have a problem winning
    2020-11-17 19:56
    mad lions good chance to win this
    2020-11-16 18:48
    1 reply
    clownin like daps
    2020-11-16 20:41
    bro mad lions are looking so good Chokquid are going to lose so badly (this probably wont age well)
    2020-11-16 18:55
    1 reply
    Nah I think you hit the nail on the head
    2020-11-16 18:56
    ez for Danish gods
    2020-11-16 18:57
    I already smell the juicy mad lions odds mhmmm
    2020-11-16 18:57
    Lulquid about to show everyone they are a joke,even id everyone already knew
    2020-11-16 18:58
    1 reply
    2020-11-19 07:00
    MAD lions on fire rn and Liquid looked shaky at best, not to mention this is the best opposition they've faced in a while ML 2-1
    2020-11-16 19:00
    8 replies
    Mad Lions on fire when they only beat fnatic with terrible form and friken DIGNITAS.
    2020-11-16 23:47
    7 replies
    They almost won Vs navi, they look good. Not like the na teams taget have lost ALL games Vs EU teams yet ??
    2020-11-17 15:01
    6 replies
    NaVi lost to VP man
    2020-11-17 16:42
    5 replies
    Still no NA team have beaten a EU team...
    2020-11-17 19:36
    3 replies
    Never said liquid was gonna win I was just trying to say that you guys are overhyping Mad Lions
    2020-11-19 06:38
    2 replies
    I dont overhype ML, they are not a top 10 team... at best rn they are like top 15-20. Just saying they will win vs Liquid..
    2020-11-19 06:44
    1 reply
    Yeah prob first game maybe if they rematch after this by tournament an liquid have some more EU practice than I think liquid can win.
    2020-11-19 18:12
    Navi won agianst Astralis
    2020-11-20 11:19
    Stewie and elige 30000000000000000000000000000000000 bomb incoming
    2020-11-16 19:00
    1 reply
    Stew kekw
    2020-11-17 19:40
    liquid vs mad lions worlds rematch wait wrong game
    2020-11-16 19:01
    stewie gonna play sixth man for mad lions, hopefully elige, naf, grim can compensate
    2020-11-16 19:05
    2 replies
    2020-11-16 19:19
    +11 xa
    2020-11-17 19:40
    grim gonna farm
    2020-11-16 19:34
    2-1 for ML
    2020-11-16 19:41
    2020-11-16 20:01
    NA first win vs EU?
    2020-11-16 20:02
    1 reply
    2020-11-16 20:34
    I am a liquid fan and idk why liquid is favored here
    2020-11-16 20:03
    9 replies
    because we have hope that elige will destroy these europoors
    2020-11-16 20:15
    5 replies
    europoors sure but elige cant 1v5. Twistzz is showing shit form. NAF can step up. Stew is straight up trash and grim is meh
    2020-11-16 20:30
    4 replies
    NAF is great, really if anything, the map will decide how well naf plays. you can bet on nuke if you want NAF to really pop the fuck off, but on something like overpass, you dont expect too much from him. twistzz is pretty bad rn, but if he continues the form hes showing during beijing, he wont be someone you can say was the problem for liquid. As for Grim, hes playing fine. what will really set liquid apart from mad lions is if stewie can manage to go at least -5
    2020-11-16 20:36
    2 replies
    yeah stew as IGL hasnt been the most exciting prospect ever
    2020-11-16 20:42
    1 reply
    "lets kick nitr0 off the awp, then kick him off igl, then kick him" - stew probably
    2020-11-20 05:44
    1v6 Steven 6th man, for mad lions
    2020-11-17 19:41
    Because the ranking.. And they should could win against Mad Lions man :D
    2020-11-19 09:39
    if elige 35 bomb they can win, mad lions is no tier 1 team and im sure naf will come alive too. but hopefully grim doesnt go bot because lately he's been insane in na
    2020-11-20 00:02
    1 reply
    yeah but mad lions are basically on the cusp of being T1
    2020-11-20 05:28
    Liquid vs EU = disband or roster changes
    2020-11-16 20:16
    Should be easy for homie
    2020-11-16 20:24
    Veto prediction idk who bans first MAD Lions ban Dust 2 Liquid ban Train MAD Lions pick Vertigo Liquid pick Inferno MAD Lions ban Mirage Liquid ban Nuke Overpass decider To be honest, MAD Lions could easily pick nuke first stage but imo they shouldn't, liquid's vertigo has always been shaky and MAD Lions are pretty comfortable on it. Liquid should pick either Inferno bc MAD Lions doesn't play it a lot and has banned it at times. Decider could be Nuke depending on how comfortable the teams are feeling but Liquid should ban nuke considering that MAD Lions usually picks Nuke and Liquid should feel more comfortable on Overpass 2-1 at worst for Liquid, despite some shaky online results in the past 2 months, Liquid should take this over MAD Lions, maybe only dropping Vertigo, Liquid will have plenty of time to prepare for this match
    2020-11-16 20:33
    8 replies
    Assuming that Liquid gets into the grand finals of Bejing, which is on the 22nd, they will have 4 days left of practice, but that isn't going to happen. The flight is probably immediately on the next day, which takes 1 day. At most, liquid only have 3 days to practice which isn't really that much considering how much time it took for EG and maybe FURIA to 'adapt' at the grounds they're playing in. Hopes down for now
    2020-11-16 21:24
    2 replies
    They also have time right now to prepare and watch demos, considering they don't know who their semifinal or final opponent will be
    2020-11-16 21:30
    i feel like liquid going to eu after eg and furia was a bait to see how eg and furia fared im sure after the diaster that was eg and furia liquid are preparing very well for the trip to eu
    2020-11-20 00:01
    Liquid is actually good on Nuke so no worries. I don't hope that ML pick Vertigo tho.
    2020-11-19 09:42
    4 replies
    They're both good on Nuke but I believe that Liquid would rather take Overpass just based on the win percentage difference
    2020-11-19 14:54
    3 replies
    Yes, but Liquid almost only played tier2-3 teams in that percentage, so we can't know how they play that map against tier2 EU team. I would go with Nuke over Overpass. Or else they have to pick Overpass against Triumph tomorrow to practice it some more
    2020-11-19 15:06
    2 replies
    Good points
    2020-11-19 15:06
    1 reply
    Look forward to see Liquid-Mousesports tho :D
    2020-11-19 15:08
    2020-11-16 20:33
    I hope Mad Lions will wreck this overrated trash called Liquid
    2020-11-16 20:42
    2 replies
    South America?JKenny
    Fan art furia lmao
    2020-11-18 01:53
    1 reply
    2020-11-18 19:33
    Liquid in EU kkkkkkkkk no chance for steven2k
    2020-11-16 22:08
    1 reply
    Who is steven?
    2020-11-18 12:29
    Grim does 800 deathmatch kills per day to keep that aim strong; this should be a farm for him.
    2020-11-16 23:51
    Hello eu area again.Jonathan and mans will go win
    2020-11-17 07:42
    Don't expect to much from Liquid in this match up. They should win it, but it will be a very close match. Liquid need 2-3 EU tournaments or at least 5 match ups against EU teams before they can compete. This can't count so with this game they will still need 5 matches against better EU teams. I still think Liquid can beat Mad Lions. 2-0
    2020-11-17 11:13
    2.55 odds on mad lions? yes siiiir
    2020-11-17 18:54
    2020-11-17 20:20
    Liquid vs EU? I arent think that Steven2k solid 5bomb, liquid disband after 1st map
    2020-11-18 02:32
    1 reply
    if elige 35bomb liquid will probably win but who knows betting on this would be retarded
    2020-11-20 00:00
    2 - 1 for one of the two teams I still think liquid has better chances but they could throw and become LUL quid
    2020-11-18 03:52
    EZ Liquid
    2020-11-18 06:44
    mad lions win if Elige is quiet
    2020-11-18 12:27
    1 reply
    Mad lions can't even beat stewie10am
    2020-11-18 12:30
    Idk man, can't really trust on the Liquid win, ML is on good form
    2020-11-18 18:14
    liquid gonna get shit on
    2020-11-18 19:38
    finally we meet EU... way to champions is started
    2020-11-18 23:33
    so easy for liquid
    2020-11-18 23:38
    liquid gonna get shit on or gonna be the one shitting
    2020-11-19 06:55
    1 reply
    2020-11-19 23:59
    Welcome to EU
    2020-11-19 09:25
    lol delusion. Liquid ez 2-0 reply here
    2020-11-19 10:10
    going to be ez for liquid or they bomb out hopefully acor will join liquid and liquid top 1
    2020-11-19 23:59
    ez 4 refrezh
    2020-11-20 05:34
    Easy 2-0 for Liquid. #LetsGoLiquid
    2020-11-20 17:52
    lol quick take this odds on MadLions.. they will win ez.. Liquid today losed versus Triumph, they played terrible.. EU game style crush them so hard
    2020-11-21 02:18
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