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    United States?BillyBoBacious?
    don't have any respect for euroKids or anything except that they're bilingual a lot of them. Nice
    2020-12-25 00:57
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    2020-12-25 00:59
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    Nothing. I'm just impressed
    2020-12-25 01:00
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    bilingual is not a big deal at all, trilingual is where you start deserving respect imo. We learn english from age 10 here, and i also speak a bit of french and decent german but with a little bit of effort it's really not a big deal
    2020-12-25 01:22
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    in russia we start learning it in 1st grade (6-7 yo) but still doesn't work for most of us
    2020-12-25 09:05
    Im fluent in swedish Finnish and english, i have your respect?
    2020-12-25 09:09
    10 replies
    IELTS, TOEFL scores? Any proofs that you are fluent English?
    2020-12-25 14:44
    7 replies
    language checks out
    2020-12-25 15:55
    i've just got 650/677 on toefl pbt Edit : in english obviously
    2020-12-25 17:05
    3 replies
    Nearly perfect. I've taken only IELTS, so cannot say what's harder, but some people say TOEFL is slightly easier
    2020-12-25 17:36
    1 reply
    i would say it was quite esay, haven't heard of the IELTS test so cannot confirm :(
    2020-12-25 18:10
    I can say that taking IELTS in Kazakhstan is as hard af because examinators on speaking and writing sections tend to assess rigidly
    2020-12-25 17:38
    I dont know i have not done this test, but i lived in Texas for a year so..
    2020-12-25 17:30
    1 reply
    year is like nothing, I heard about people living 18 years in the US, and not understanding at all. Although depends on people, maybe you had good level and managed to strenghten it.
    2020-12-25 17:34
    people misreading I don't have any respect for europeans I just think its cool that a lot of them can speak more than one language
    2020-12-25 16:54
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    2020-12-25 17:31
    ian't german literally the same language but sounds less disgusting but is still disgusting???
    2020-12-25 13:12
    5 replies
    Hahahahahahah us brain
    2020-12-25 14:30
    4 replies
    what? I don't speak croatian bro
    2020-12-25 14:31
    3 replies
    I typed in american.... Btw i am half croatian so it doesnt work on me
    2020-12-25 15:10
    2 replies
    FUCK. Does polish work? xD
    2020-12-25 15:10
    1 reply
    Nope, we have nothing in common and there arent any stereotypes
    2020-12-25 15:21
    stop flexing over nothing, learning your third language is basically a waste of time
    2020-12-25 13:20
    English and German are Germanic languages, so not such a big deal for you to learn them. Especially German mate, it is very similar to dutch. If you will master French than you can consider yourself bilingual.
    2020-12-28 14:49
    I'm pentalingual
    2020-12-25 07:21
    14 replies
    Flag checks out
    2020-12-25 09:11
    7 replies
    have you any wool?
    2020-12-25 12:32
    6 replies
    idk wool bro but cigs one pack full
    2020-12-25 13:22
    5 replies
    pass one please, thank you
    2020-12-25 13:26
    4 replies
    sure thing homie one for the master, and one for the dame, eight for xEleanorex, who speaks five ways
    2020-12-25 13:31
    3 replies
    great poem made me cry
    2020-12-25 14:02
    1 reply
    2020-12-25 14:11
    2020-12-25 20:24
    Lol i am laughing i know 7 languages
    2020-12-25 14:31
    5 replies
    Ahh the Greeks
    2020-12-25 20:25
    4 replies
    What's up about the Greeks broo?
    2020-12-25 20:28
    3 replies
    I'm currently reading The Republic by Plato and damn you guys have had quite godlike philosophers
    2020-12-25 20:31
    2 replies
    I have the same book written in ancient Greek and with its translation to modern Greek, it is pretty good
    2020-12-25 20:37
    1 reply
    Ohh damn. I'm gonna read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius next.
    2020-12-26 07:23
    also a lot of polyglots
    2020-12-25 01:00
    I'm also cunnilingual ??
    2020-12-25 01:03
    2 replies
    2020-12-25 07:23
    2020-12-25 13:31
    i dont like that Finland is bilingual country, especially our second launguage is SWEDISH
    2020-12-25 01:03
    33 replies
    axaxaxaxaxa you would prefer Russian?
    2020-12-25 01:05
    30 replies
    i dont know i think we boys would like more russian in Finland))
    2020-12-25 01:06
    yeah learning russian would be cooler
    2020-12-25 01:10
    28 replies
    you mean you actually learn Swedish in school?
    2020-12-25 01:11
    25 replies
    yes it's an official language in finland
    2020-12-25 01:12
    19 replies
    ye but like you have to learn it?
    2020-12-25 01:15
    18 replies
    2020-12-25 01:16
    3 replies
    2020-12-25 01:16
    2 replies
    2020-12-25 01:17
    2020-12-25 12:43
    It's mandatory in school and I think officially 3/5 of the Finnish population is fluent in Swedish (so 2/5 aren't very good at it).
    2020-12-25 14:27
    12 replies
    what about Russian and English?
    2020-12-25 14:31
    9 replies
    No clue about those ratios. I am Swedish so I don't really know. #100 said Russian is an option in the east of Finland if you want. And of course English is also mandatory in school, don't you learn English in French schools? Swedish is an official language of Finland because from the dawn of Nordic civilization up until 1809 Finland was part of Sweden, and we're very close to Finland. We sent volunteer armies and many supplies over there in 1917 to help with their liberation from Russia. A lot of Swedes also fought in the Finnish Winter War during World War 2. In Finnish schools they learn English, Finnish and Swedish, and in Swedish schools we learn English, Swedish and a third language that we get to pick, usually either Spanish, French or German. So at least to some extent, anyone who passed through Finnish or Swedish school is trilingual at minimum, and I wouldn't be surprised if Finnish schools also have Fre/Spa/Ger education as well.
    2020-12-25 14:37
    8 replies
    Yeah you have the option to learn a 3rd language
    2020-12-25 14:40
    3 replies
    4th* right? Since you're already learning English, Finnish and Swedish?
    2020-12-25 14:44
    2 replies
    Ah yeah 4th, meant 3rd besides Finnish
    2020-12-25 16:57
    1 reply
    Yeah, 4 languages is impressive. I'm fluent in 2, I can get by in German, and I know a tad bit of Italian. Because of CS I can read Cyrillic and I can say some basic phrases in Russian lol.
    2020-12-25 16:57
    3 languages to learn? damn but ye ofc we have english classes but usually one's english is mostly determined by what they do outside of school (ex : shitposting on hltv) I somewhat knew that Finnish people learned Swedish but I didn't expected that much, I thought Russian was a bigger thing
    2020-12-25 14:42
    3 replies
    4* according to #114. Russian isn't a big thing in Finland. They're closer to us culturally than Russia, I think.
    2020-12-25 14:45
    2 replies
    ye but they were under Russian control for quite some times I meant 3 + Finnish
    2020-12-25 14:56
    1 reply
    Not as long as they were Swedish. They've been under Swedish control for at least 600 years, probably longer considering there never was a Finnish "nation" before Finland was part of Sweden. It just kind of started out as Sweden (though I should mention the Finnish PEOPLE have existed for a long time, well before the Nordic nations were even a thing). Finland was Russian between 1809 and 1917, and during that time Finnish people still had a close connection to Swedish people. There's a lot of Russian influence, but Sweden is closer. EDIT: I should also note that Russia tried to "Russify" Finland in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but failed. A motto of a Finnish independence movement was: "Swedes we are no more Russians we cannot become therefore Finns we must be." Clever.
    2020-12-25 15:17
    I think the percentage that are fluent in Swedish is much lower than 60% Admittedly I haven't looked at any empirical evidence I'd be surprised if it's even 40%
    2020-12-25 14:38
    1 reply
    There's a difference between "Finlandssvenskar" - Finnish people with Swedish as their mother tongue, of which there are 290 000 - and people fluent in Swedish. I just found this article (Swedish): sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spr%C3%A5k_i_Finla.. Here it's said 41% of the Finnish population older than 15 speaks Swedish.
    2020-12-25 14:41
    Finnish cities have swedish AND finnish names: Helsinki/Helsingfors Maybe the same as the formerly contested area Alsace/Lorraine (Elsass/Lothringen)
    2020-12-25 18:25
    yeah till the end of the high school :))
    2020-12-25 01:16
    4 replies
    2020-12-25 01:17
    w8 so is your language class consisting of both swedish and finnish or do u have to take individual classes for both
    2020-12-25 02:30
    2 replies
    Individual, also english
    2020-12-25 09:12
    1 reply
    which was harder for you?
    2020-12-25 13:14
    My finnish friend said it was optional, was he lying?
    2020-12-25 13:29
    1 reply
    You have to learn Swedish, but I think in Eastern Finland you get to choose Russian as optional studies. My school (not in the east) didn't offer any options.
    2020-12-25 14:25
    You're not even joking wtf
    2020-12-25 07:35
    East Sweden*
    2020-12-25 14:11
    I want to learn a second language but I'm so far away from anyone that speaks another language that it'd be pointless
    2020-12-25 01:06
    13 replies
    Learn Spanish
    2020-12-25 01:19
    4 replies
    I (poorly) am in school right now, but I'm in the midwest so I'm a 20 hour drive away from native speakers lol
    2020-12-25 02:13
    3 replies
    small town mentality if you learn spanish more opportunities will arise
    2020-12-25 10:23
    2 replies
    2020-12-25 10:59
    such as? I know that I don't want to be at a spanish speaking job, so why should I learn it?
    2020-12-25 18:16
    Why don't u Start learning Chinese, there are many chinese in USA isn't it? You can practice with them
    2020-12-25 08:33
    5 replies
    Chinese is way too tough for a first second language Would rather learn French
    2020-12-25 12:44
    3 replies
    Knowing French is the biggest flex
    2020-12-25 14:48
    1 reply
    2020-12-25 17:02
    nah french pronunciation is harder than chinese
    2020-12-28 14:47
    mostly in cali. If you're anywhere but the west coast, ny, nj or florida you're fucked
    2020-12-25 13:15
    Spanish, French, German are three languages that are good to know since a large part of the world speaks them. Spanish and French-speaking countries make up most of Africa and South America, and while German isn't as widely spoken worldwide, a lot of European countries speak some German and/or are related to German, so it helps to know some of it. As a Swede, learning German was fairly easy since it's related and a lot of words are similar. Goes both ways, if you speak German you might be able to catch the rough meaning of some Swedish sentences and be able to have some sort of half-understanding of certain words and phrases. Further, knowing Spanish, French and/or German helps when learning other languages. As I said, learning Scandinavian languages is helped by knowing German. Learning pretty much any latin language is helped by knowing Spanish or French (I learned a bit of Italian and I can half-understand some Spanish and Portuguese because of it, for example).
    2020-12-25 14:31
    +1 there's no point in learning the 2nd language if your mother tongue is English, unless you deal with foreigners.
    2020-12-25 18:36
    Technically, you're just a different type of european who can't speak a second language.
    2020-12-25 01:11
    If your criteria for earnt respect is to be able to speak another language, you're aiming very low. It's interesting to me that americans think of it as impressive to be able to speak another language. We're taught english from a young age (8 or 9 in Denmark) and we have english classes for up to 10 years. If you're not able to speak the language you've been learning for 10 years fluently then you almost certainly have a mental disability. Furthermore we're taught a third language from the age of 14, for up to 6 years. Learning a language is not a difficulty matter, it simply takes time, it's not magic.
    2020-12-25 01:12
    2 replies
    for a lot of americans it's impressive for 2 reasons 1. American schools don't require language education, and colleges only require 2 years of language classes 2. not many people speak other languages outside of big cities, so it's impressive to keep being able to speak it well without having a lot of people to train with
    2020-12-25 02:16
    1 reply
    you're pretty much spot on. I can understand Spanish pretty decently when spoken, can read like 80% of it and piece together what someone is saying. Speaking it you gotta give me a minute to make a sentence tho. I'm from a small town, no real minorities besides African-Americans and the occasional foreign exchange kid. We had one from Thailand, love him to death. Dude was the coolest mfer around
    2020-12-25 13:19
    PROUD AMERICAN 1 Language = #1
    2020-12-25 01:17
    5 replies
    It’s the worse version of British English
    2020-12-25 07:25
    4 replies
    I like American English more cuz i am russian peasant and it easier to understand. And if i manage to understand some accents from Britain, then when i hear Scottish my english learning skills disappear and i get a headache.
    2020-12-25 07:50
    3 replies
    its not because u re russian, its because they are scottish
    2020-12-25 09:25
    2 replies
    it sound for me as if you said it in a negative way, to be honest :D
    2020-12-25 09:31
    1 reply
    cuz it is nobody gets wtf those mountain mens saying even native eng speakers
    2020-12-25 10:19
    I speak Finnish (native language), English, tiny bit of Swedish that I've learned at school and then I've started learning Greek, Latin, Hebrew and Arabic in my free time, but I'm not very good at Latin, Hebrew or Arabic yet. Hopefully at some point I'll be able to speak, write and understand all of these languages at a pretty high level. :)
    2020-12-25 02:22
    3 replies
    What methods of learning do you use?
    2020-12-25 07:37
    2 replies
    Probably drugs
    2020-12-25 10:03
    At first I was just using Duolingo, but after that I started watching videos about those languages to get familiar with the sounds and just overall how the language sounds. After I got familiar with the sounds it was mostly just about learning new words and grammar and repeating the old stuff as often as possible to remember all the stuff that I have learned in past.
    2020-12-25 16:23
    im bilingual while being basic at 2 other languages. I just wish I had taken French seriously and stuck with it, then i could've been a Tricycle
    2020-12-25 07:20
    i speak 5 language mandarin chinese, english, malaysian/indonesian (bahasa), javanese and japanese (not fluent but ok)
    2020-12-25 07:27
    3 replies
    Do all Indonesians speak mandarin?
    2020-12-25 08:18
    2 replies
    idk, but most of my indonesian friend speak at least 3 language : indonesian, mother tongue (sunda, java, batak or smth else) and english. but here in singapore most of us speak english, mandarin and malay
    2020-12-25 08:28
    Nope,but many chinese live/born here that speak chinese.
    2020-12-25 08:31
    EU is a country
    2020-12-25 07:27
    1 reply
    True just like how Brazil is the whole of South America and NA Is only the usa
    2020-12-25 07:29
    I speak English but also Croatian as most of my family if from there and it is pretty important to know when I go for 2 months every year to Croatia. I never went to lessons though I was just taught by my parents when i was first trying to speak at like 1 or something.
    2020-12-25 07:28
    2020-12-25 08:36
    All of Europe is the same right ? xaxaxa
    2020-12-25 09:13
    I speak Swedish, English and Bosnian fluently an i'm great at German too no biggie
    2020-12-25 09:34
    I'm trilingual
    2020-12-25 09:40
    who cars of your respect? KEKW
    2020-12-25 10:20
    2 replies
    I do
    2020-12-25 10:21
    1 reply
    2020-12-25 10:31
    I currently speak French, English and Spanish fluently, and I have an OK level in German (trying to learn, too difficult tbh). Next year I might go to the Netherlands and also try to recover my prior Ducth level which I had before. I completely understand that in the US and the whole of NA in general learning 1 or 2 extra languages is rare and not that useful, but in Europe learning various languages is a must if you want to get more opportunities outside your home country or city
    2020-12-25 10:50
    a cunning linguist
    2020-12-25 10:58
    Mother tongue: french Fluent: English and Italian Medium level: Spanish castillan, Catalan, Occitan, Venetian Beginner's level: Turkish, Japanese, Russian
    2020-12-25 12:48
    2 replies
    Weird flex but ok
    2020-12-25 13:22
    1 reply
    Weird name but ok ;)
    2020-12-25 15:51
    I speak portuguese , spanish and english and its easy,also learned French since is mandatory in school but i forgot a lot. I think 2 or 3 languages is ok and kinda easy to handle. People who speak +5 languages fluently is real impressive for me
    2020-12-25 12:51
    you're not even monolingual
    2020-12-25 12:53
    I speak English natively just as any other aside from my native language, nothing special really. I was also forced to learn a 3rd language which i chose to be Spanish, only some basic conversational tho.
    2020-12-25 13:23
    i am omnilingual trust me bro
    2020-12-25 13:25
    respecting people for knowing another language? yikes
    2020-12-25 13:25
    why western people can easily speak two or more languages asians like us even have serious trouble of speaking English as a second lang man
    2020-12-25 13:28
    imagine not being multilingual..
    2020-12-25 13:34
    how to determine language knowledge?like how can I know if I am able to speak language?
    2020-12-25 13:57
    1 reply
    you pass test exam like IELTS(english) or CILS (for italian)
    2020-12-25 14:30
    I am trilingual and I have some knowledge of French and Swedish.
    2020-12-25 14:04
    Only reason to learn/know more than two langauges, for example Russian/Portuguese/French, is to swoon the pretty ladies but the ladies are also the ones that will be teaching you while in bed, soo idk it kinda counter itself out.
    2020-12-25 14:15
    Well i can speak English , Russian , Urdu/Hindi and just started learning german and Italian.
    2020-12-25 14:19
    I speak 4 languages. ez
    2020-12-25 14:29
    1 reply
    me too, ez
    2020-12-25 14:29
    I can speak four languages or even more
    2020-12-25 14:31
    I am tri lingual :3 + learning some german and japanese.
    2020-12-25 14:32
    Russian - Native English - B2 almost C1 Kazakh - vocabulary doesn't reach 300 words even though I'm Kazakh XD
    2020-12-25 14:46
    I can speak 4 languages. English - English School Mandarin/Cantonese - Chinese parents Japanese - Extra lessons in school
    2020-12-25 15:20
    4 replies
    how big the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese?
    2020-12-25 16:01
    2 replies
    Cantonese is hard compared to Mandarin. Mandarin uses 4 tones whereas Cantonese uses upto 9 tones. Different dialect means different meaning. Sometimes Mandarin speaker can't understand Cantonese speaker because of that and vice versa. Both are nearly written with the same base characters. If someone tells you that they can speak Chinese, they usually refer to Mandarin. Mandarin is simplified Chinese whereas Cantonese is traditional chinese. If you want to dive deeper into Chinese culture, I would recommend you to learn Cantonese even though it is tough, but if you just want to communicate with other chinese fellows/work in chinese comapny, learn Mandarin.
    2020-12-25 16:26
    1 reply
    Ok ty
    2020-12-25 16:40
    2020-12-25 18:35
    Decent bait
    2020-12-25 16:58
    Question:Does euroKids care what burger says?
    2020-12-25 17:05
    >european, cis, asian people - bilinguals >americans - know only english enough. cry is free
    2020-12-25 17:40
    we dont have any respect for you. None.
    2020-12-25 18:29
    aren't most americans bilinguals too?
    2020-12-25 18:31
    1 reply
    no it's the disadvantage when you're born in america: the gap between high school and uni is way higher (we learn a lot of stuff in 12th grade Europe that they learn in 2nd year uni in US for exemple) and most of them are not bilingual, since euro kids have some of their media in english.
    2020-12-25 20:35
    I'm trilingual :D
    2020-12-25 18:36
    ik 6 languages English Bahasa Indonesia Tamil Hindi Basic Arabic Malay
    2020-12-26 07:28
    a person who doesn't know atleast 2 languages is fucking unheard of
    2020-12-26 07:50
    I'm not a Eurokid, but am bilingual))
    2020-12-26 08:49
    United States?GGtho
    bilingual ain't even that impressive
    2020-12-28 14:48
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