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    2021 Resolutions
    - Leave HLTV forever yours ?
    2020-12-23 17:02
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    Not masterbaiting. Less toxic. That kind of thing.
    2020-12-23 17:04
    18 replies
    2020-12-23 17:41
    1 reply
    North America?humaa
    1280 x 960 probably
    2020-12-24 20:13
    Why less toxic bru, i enjoyed our come yesterday, even though it made zero sense from your side
    2020-12-24 20:07
    2020-12-24 21:02
    2020-12-25 00:06
    Masturbating*** maybe spelling should be one of your resolutions too <3
    2020-12-25 00:08
    12 replies
    He's probably talking about his ingame baiting.
    2020-12-25 14:20
    If you’re serious, KEKW. But maybe punctuation should be yours)).
    2020-12-26 01:06
    9 replies
    You started a sentence with 'but'. You should fuck right off.
    2020-12-26 06:46
    8 replies
    Now he’s using punctuation! Different to grammar FYI.
    2020-12-26 06:47
    7 replies
    How do you know I wasn't referencing a title of something that happened to fit my intention of what I was trying to say to him?
    2020-12-26 06:48
    6 replies
    What? Schizo hahahaha.
    2020-12-26 06:50
    5 replies
    Titles do not require punctuation.
    2020-12-26 06:51
    4 replies
    Masturbating*** maybe spelling should be one of your resolutions too <3 What is that the title of?
    2020-12-26 06:51
    3 replies
    It's the title of: Masturbating*** maybe spelling should be one of your resolutions too <3
    2020-12-26 06:52
    2 replies
    Understandable. Have a nice day.
    2020-12-26 06:52
    1 reply
    Merry Christmas.
    2020-12-26 06:52
    2020-12-28 19:31
    Will try to stop loving her.
    2020-12-23 17:05
    32 replies
    it won't work... i can explain you why if u want
    2020-12-23 17:05
    26 replies
    Lul, i was about to send you reply but some comments has been removed, wtf?
    2020-12-23 17:08
    13 replies
    this place is done, hltv forum is over dude
    2020-12-23 17:09
    12 replies
    It was over for me since that moment when i got 2 ip bans one after another right after 4 days of mute on forums.
    2020-12-23 17:12
    10 replies
    North America?humaa
    reporting you again so you get banned one more time xaxaxaxa
    2020-12-24 20:12
    9 replies
    a little rest will not hurt me
    2020-12-24 20:13
    8 replies
    North America?humaa
    it was joke my friend. You have to suffer with us
    2020-12-24 20:14
    7 replies
    Suffer? I have fun here, but sometimes i cant stop and refresh hltv off-topic every minute, instead of doing something useful. I think i am getting addicted. Unfortunately there is no hardware ban, it would set me free
    2020-12-24 20:18
    6 replies
    North America?humaa
    You have fun here yet you wanna be "set free" make up your mind bud
    2020-12-24 20:20
    5 replies
    It takes a lot of time, i mean. Take a videogames for example. Yeah, its fun, but instead of doing homework and preparing for finals or something different ,you spend your time on this unnecessary thing like gaming. And if you unorganized person only extreme measures will save you. Hope you understand what i mean
    2020-12-24 20:27
    4 replies
    North America?humaa
    Yes I do brother. Everything in the right amount is best but it's not easy to maintain that. My advice is to try your best to get what you need to get done and make video games and HLTV your last priority
    2020-12-24 20:32
    2 replies
    Thank you for advice. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
    2020-12-24 20:36
    1 reply
    North America?humaa
    I don't celeberate it and have to work tomorrow (25th dec) but you have a blessed christmas brotherman
    2020-12-24 23:00
    You gotta figure it out men, it's shit when you realize you're pouring your limited time in this world in useless stuff. also not perfect myself but I refuse to let myself go down that route. lets go
    2020-12-25 09:21
    Yep, new owner and new politics ruined it completely
    2020-12-23 17:22
    It's been 5 years, still trying to complete "The love story" that she started. Maybe 25 dec will be the last try. Any suggestions are welcomed
    2020-12-23 17:10
    11 replies
    Sex her
    2020-12-23 17:23
    5 years and you still have feelings for her? My love to a person can last max 2-3 years
    2020-12-23 23:28
    9 replies
    Yes, and weird part is I never met her in these last 5 years ( tho she became my neighbour recently )
    2020-12-23 23:56
    8 replies
    The f*ck is wrong with you Indian people :DDDD
    2020-12-23 23:58
    7 replies
    Sorry, but you must be baiting at this point. Surely. I hope so.
    2020-12-23 23:59
    6 replies
    Not baiting, I had a girlfriend at the time I met her 6 years ago when she asked me out and I declined, we both were from different places far away. But I lost myself to her after a year on Internet but she left me suddenly. Not a day went by When I didn't remembered her. Now, she has shifted 400Kms away from her home for studying and living in a dormitory and that dormitory is in my neighbour. ( Coincidence right?)
    2020-12-24 00:13
    5 replies
    I've had a 5 year long(er) love story also and for me forgetting her was the best thing. i know how hard it can be to let go, but if you don't get together you'll realize it's not for the worst, those feelings are just a form of addiction anyway
    2020-12-25 09:24
    4 replies
    Thank you, but this is last try with my first date with her today. If you're talking about forgetting her then yes I've tried it in past.I asked out 2 or 3 girls in this period just to ignore them next day because I always felt like something is missing. Deep down I felt that maybe I was waiting for her all along.
    2020-12-25 10:15
    3 replies
    By all means go for it men! I wish you good luck and maybe it might even work out. All I'm saying is, if you try and it goes wrong, just know that there's still life ahead of you, don't lose your faith
    2020-12-25 10:40
    2 replies
    I broke my heart once again. Thank you for all your attention. Goodbye friend.
    2020-12-25 12:22
    1 reply
    2020-12-25 13:35
    2020-12-23 22:06
    2 replies
    Why are you so cruel, it's only love of my life.
    2020-12-23 23:15
    1 reply
    he's right though, gotta get your shit together and if she doesn't respects you send her to the bitch that gave birth to her (it's a brazilian offence - "mandar pra puta que pariu" -, it's similar to telling someone to fuck off)
    2020-12-25 09:27
    hahahahahahhahah Facebook relationship ? Stop harrassing European girls.
    2020-12-23 22:36
    1 reply
    Ofcourse not, I would never get emotionally attached with a skin which looks like covered from white pigments.
    2020-12-23 23:13
    United Kingdom?zyrexxi
    level 11 faceit
    2020-12-23 17:05
    1 reply
    2020-12-23 17:06
    a lot of comments deleted, my god... THATS WHY IM LEAVING.. WHAT A WEIRD PLACE.
    2020-12-23 17:08
    Grow 2 inches in length
    2020-12-23 17:11
    Hey, I have a resolution for hltv mods: stop deleting replies
    2020-12-23 17:12
    1 reply
    they hiding the truth
    2020-12-25 00:34
    Minor changes like quitting cigs since I relapsed again. Craving for smoke every 15 minutes is annoying af.. And less time online
    2020-12-23 17:13
    3 replies
    Buy a wape and smoke 20mg salt, then lower to 10 and keep lowering till you wape liquid without nic and then it will be ez to quit since you are not inhaling any nic anymore. Trust me on this it takes some time, but it is very easy to quit with this metod, btw I used to smoke 2 pacs per day for 5 years, but after trying this it was easy to quit just took some time.
    2020-12-23 23:33
    2 replies
    I think I will give it a shot. Is there any vaporizer u recommend?
    2020-12-24 19:46
    1 reply
    hey man i quit nic recently after almost four years and stopped cold turkey. idk about you, but the first day was really rough and it only got better from there. after 3 days i did not feel like my body was craving it anymore, and it was all mental. just rinse your cigs under the sink and throw them out. tell the people around you that you are quitting so you feel pressure to keep it. just keep in mind that it will only get better every day. good luck
    2020-12-26 01:15
    Czech Republic?Guczy
    Leave HLTV
    2020-12-23 17:25
    To maintain my current happiness levels
    2020-12-23 17:35
    2020-12-23 17:39
    Not getting 10 yeared before reaching 2021
    2020-12-23 21:59
    8 replies
    2020-12-23 22:07
    6 replies
    It's not funny men(( 1 more ban and I'm cya in 10
    2020-12-23 22:09
    5 replies
    wait- i have like 9 bans too if i am not mistaken xDDDDDD sheeeesh
    2020-12-23 22:10
    2 replies
    Well good luck!
    2020-12-23 22:12
    1 reply
    good luck to you too
    2020-12-23 22:12
    Haha same xa
    2020-12-24 20:09
    Cya in 10 jerman
    2020-12-26 01:19
    good luck
    2020-12-23 22:10
    Quit my corporate job or at least reduce to half-time to focus on my business.
    2020-12-23 22:27
    5 replies
    What type of business?
    2020-12-23 22:30
    4 replies
    I'm a wedding videographer: facebook.com/vowswithyou/
    2020-12-24 00:46
    3 replies
    you have a website or just facebook page?
    2020-12-24 20:10
    1 reply
    I'm rebuilding it to boost SEO.
    2020-12-24 21:14
    damn that's pretty unusual & cool - hope it goes well for you and you can do what you like fulltime!
    2020-12-25 14:15
    Get good grades Get a side job, something more study related hopefully Keep up high returns on my investments
    2020-12-23 22:29
    Getting that good summer 6 pack body. Lockdown fucked me up last spring/early summer. Lockdown fucking me up right now. But I'm almost there. If the gym opens in mid-January, I'm making it in mid-may!!!!!!!
    2020-12-23 23:23
    4 replies
    Don't blame lockdown, blame yourself
    2020-12-24 20:31
    3 replies
    what blame myself. Working out 6-7 days at home with 2x 10kg dumbells and bodyweight. Cant really do many of the exercises with that. Counting calories, macros, and eating healthy.
    2020-12-24 20:59
    2 replies
    Stop blaming others for your failures, you won't get anywhere in life with that mindset, you have to be able to adapt, I also went to the gym, I started doing, body weight exercises at home.
    2020-12-24 23:49
    1 reply
    I don't blame others, and I neither blame myself. I clearly adapted by doing home gym and stuff, even though it's lightweight. I needed to stop my bulk because the gyms got closed again. When it comes to building muscle, a good thing is to do progressive overload. If I'm able to bench more than my body weight in the gym, how can I do progressive overload with a 10 kg dumbell. The only thing I can do is to keep my muscle mass through diet, and these lightweight exercises.
    2020-12-25 00:04
    Stop Gambling
    2020-12-23 23:25
    Stop ordering food and start cooking more myself :D
    2020-12-23 23:36
    survive in this world stop masturbating
    2020-12-24 19:54
    more racism and anti semitism ??????
    2020-12-24 19:56
    1 reply
    2020-12-24 22:33
    im fine with 1280x960 for now
    2020-12-24 19:57
    Staying alive is probably my only priority at this point ig. The only resolution I have for 2021 is that I'll reach out to a mental health therapist. It's been way overdue lol
    2020-12-24 20:01
    3 replies
    hope you get better men
    2020-12-25 00:30
    1 reply
    thank you men :') <3
    2020-12-25 08:42
    2020-12-25 10:38
    1080p (cya guys in 3)
    2020-12-24 20:21
    Get gold Broken Fang coin
    2020-12-24 20:32
    try 800x600
    2020-12-24 20:39
    2020-12-24 20:44
    -return to the gym -fix sleep schedule -get a girlfriend
    2020-12-24 20:48
    1 reply
    More like Rent-a-girlfriend Got em
    2020-12-24 20:51
    Switch to 1280 x 960 stretched from 1024 x 768 stretched Be happy
    2020-12-24 20:50
    2020-12-24 20:50
    2020-12-24 20:51
    4:3 600x400
    2020-12-25 00:07
    Fixing my shit would probably be my answer and i am switching back to 1080p.
    2020-12-25 00:20
    This is a good resolution. Are you counting days?
    2020-12-25 00:24
    gl with that
    2020-12-25 08:44
    1280*960 stretched
    2020-12-25 08:49
    4:3 but since I got a new monitor might try going from 1024x768 to 1440x1080
    2020-12-25 10:30
    Write a program that writes javascript and/or java
    2020-12-25 10:31
    Get into a good college near my house Make yt videos (possibly grow a little bit) 5k subs at the end of 2021 is what I’m looking for) Get a gf
    2020-12-25 10:37
    2020-12-25 10:47
    Blowing up more s1mple and navi bandwagon fans /fanboys
    2020-12-25 10:48
    2020-12-25 12:29
    1024x768 360hz
    2020-12-25 13:37
    1024x768 BB
    2020-12-25 13:43
    1280x960 stretched
    2020-12-25 14:11
    so this is the thread where the 1080p ban happened?
    2020-12-25 14:14
    1 reply
    2020-12-28 19:26
    2020-12-25 14:15
    exercising more once covid is over spend more time with my family & girlfriend try some things i never did before
    2020-12-25 14:17
    2020-12-26 01:37
    2020-12-26 06:52
    The OP of this thread made a thread about one of the admins, idk if you guys saw it. We should all press F , he deserves it. F my man!
    2020-12-28 19:24
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