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    /discuss everything
    give me a topic and i will discuss with you about it untill i go to sleep. /discuss
    2020-11-27 01:46
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    how are you
    2020-11-27 01:47
    1 reply
    I'm fine, thanks for asking how about you and what are you thinking about recently?
    2020-11-27 01:48
    mibr fans hackusating leaf and then supporting a vac banned player
    2020-11-27 01:48
    2 replies
    yeah that's some bull*hit imo. I mean i am happy with the form that team just delivers and I think that they can improve to a solid top 20 mby even top 12 team. But if they want to compete in major they need new player and the fans are still very crazy when it comes to shitthrowing towards others
    2020-11-27 01:51
    #freevsm but leaf doesn't deserve the death threats. mibr fans are just too 'passionate'
    2020-11-27 02:42
    swimming or running?
    2020-11-27 01:48
    3 replies
    before corona hitted i was swimming two times a week bcs it just feels better for me and i really don't like runnig that much
    2020-11-27 01:52
    2 replies
    nice, was thinking what should I go for tomorrow.
    2020-11-27 01:54
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    if you can, then definitely go swimming. It'S s lot more refrshing and you activate your whole boddy
    2020-11-27 01:57
    In a perfect utilitarian society, where would a learning institution like Corleone position itself vis-a-vis the prevailing monetary laws regarding the national position on the Krugerrand?
    2020-11-27 01:50
    2 replies
    what national position on the Krügerrand you are talking about. And can you give me some background info towards that topic, pls?
    2020-11-27 01:54
    1 reply
    the institutions that encompass many the other institutions, both formal and informal (e.g. the family, government, the economy, education, and religion.) Most important institutions, considered abstractly, have both objective and subjective aspects: examples include money and marriage. The institution of money encompasses many formal organizations, including banks and government treasury departments and stock exchanges, which may be termed, "institutions", as well as subjective experiences, which guide people in their pursuit of personal well-being. Powerful institutions are able to imbue a paper currency with certain value, and to induce millions into production and trade in pursuit of economic ends abstractly denominated in that currency's units.[citation needed] The subjective experience of money is so pervasive and persuasive that economists talk of the "money illusion" and try to disabuse their students of it, in preparation for learning economic analysis Informal institutions have been largely overlooked in the comparative politics, but in many countries it is the informal institutions and rules that govern the political landscape. To understand the political behaviour in a country it is important to look at how that behaviour is enabled or constrained by informal institutions, and how this affects how formal institutions are run. For example, if there are high levels of extrajudicial killings in a country, it might be that while it is prohibited by the state the police are actually enabled to carry out such killings and informally encouraged to prop up an inefficient formal state police institution. An informal institution tends to have socially shared rules, which are unwritten and yet are often known by all inhabitants of a certain country, as such they are often referred to as being an inherent part of the culture of a given country. Informal practices are often referred to as "cultural", for example clientelism or corruption is sometimes stated as a part of the political culture in a certain place, but an informal institution itself is not cultural, it may be shaped by culture or behaviour of a given political landscape, but they should be looked at in the same way as formal institutions to understand their role in a given country. Informal institutions might be particularly used to pursue a political agenda, or a course of action that might not be publicly popular, or even legal, and can be seen as an effective way of making up for lack of efficiency in a formal institution. For example, in countries where formal institutions are particularly inefficient, an informal institution may be the most cost effective way of actually carrying out a given task, and this ensures that there is little pressure on the formal institutions to become more efficient. The relationship between formal and informal institutions is often closely aligned and informal institutions step in to prop up inefficient institutions. However, because they do not have a centre, which directs and coordinates their actions, changing informal institutions is a slow and lengthy process.[20][21] It is as such important to look at any given country and note the presence of informal institutions when looking at the political landscape, and note that they are not necessarily a rejection of the state, but an integral part of it and broadening the scope of the role of the state in a given country.
    2020-11-27 01:58
    ???? Trump skilled president but that is not normally, This very very insane....They need to check him body and brain.....Maybe he not retard but maybe he using the brain deficit ...and this cant seem on tv screen..He needs to check-up....Trump using brain deficit on USA scene ,ON BIG Events.Maybe everyone dont knows him trick.He incredible....I want to ask his where is the comming of your votes ?
    2020-11-27 01:52
    4 replies
    Stfu already mr. Vietkong
    2020-11-27 01:54
    1 reply
    tf leave me alone
    2020-11-27 01:54
    Is this some stuff one of his defenders said? Bcs i'm not sure what you are talking about, but i think Trump should just grow up and care more about his business than this lost presitial election
    2020-11-27 01:56
    1 reply
    this is just a copypasta
    2020-11-27 02:24
    2020-11-27 02:10
    the last great invention of mankind was the internet, i think something big is ahead, another great thing to be invented, what do you think it can be?
    2020-11-27 02:22
    6 replies
    self-aware AI
    2020-11-27 02:25
    1 reply
    I'm very afraid of the algorithm of these things, imagine if it is programmed wrong and she thinks that the human being is a "problem" like a malware preventing her from doing her job
    2020-11-27 02:28
    it has to be something related to mobility or housing.. big inventions often comes from needs and this is what we need the most in the world right now
    2020-11-27 02:26
    edible condoms
    2020-11-27 02:32
    2 replies
    already exists
    2020-11-27 02:33
    1 reply
    good edible condoms
    2020-11-27 03:37
    I'm on call because of black friday so, i have the time.. what do YOU want to talk about, friend?
    2020-11-27 02:25
    1 reply
    United States?jvac
    How are you?
    2020-11-27 02:37
    I want to discuss the election of the mayor of Sao Paulo city in Brazil. Who do you think will win? Covas or Boulos?
    2020-11-27 02:31
    1 reply
    sampa is doomed no matter who wins lol
    2020-11-27 02:43
    mibr top1 again soon
    2020-11-27 02:46
    best csgo player of all time? for me i think olof or device
    2020-11-27 02:47
    1 reply
    Your not gonna mention GTR or Cold?
    2020-11-27 03:41
    How old are you?
    2020-11-27 02:58
    3 replies
    2020-11-27 02:59
    2 replies
    did you know if you flip that number vertically and then horizontally, you get the same number?
    2020-11-27 03:00
    1 reply
    2020-11-27 04:07
    How does one deal with constant injuries The second my old ones go away and i try to do some sports i get more injuries is time to kys?
    2020-11-27 04:10
    2 replies
    drink milk so bones strong and no injury
    2020-11-27 04:13
    train more and warm up
    2020-11-27 04:46
    pussy or bussy?
    2020-11-27 04:34
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