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    Yes, another faceit thread from me but its getting ridiculous. Im lvl 7 and got lvl 10 on my team. He was last alive every single round, even on ct and only got exit kills. He did clutch 1v4 once cuz enemies rushed him with knife and he got a lucky af long range noscope on last kill. He got 22 frags and we lost 3-16. I just checked demo, he got 19 of those 22 kills when he was in 1vX. So he only got 3 kills when someone on his team was alive. And this guy was 2.4k ELO. HOW?????? He was baiting so hard all game and only clutched once. He then cries on me for only having 14 kills like wtF????? I tried to go with my team and get entries and win the round but he just hides and get exit frags xddddd. How is it possible to be this bad at 2.4k ELO? I mean his aim was good but man, i have not seen someone bait more than this.
    2020-11-27 01:41
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    there is only one solution: F1
    2020-11-27 01:43
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    premade unfortunately
    2020-11-27 01:43
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    and that stops you from joining Formula 1?
    2020-11-27 01:44
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    2020-11-27 01:45
    loved the plot twist
    2020-11-27 02:17
    United Kingdom?SkaTyce
    lv8 - like 2500 elo lv10 is all at a very similar level he probably thought since he was in a lower elo game that he was the best player and had to bait to win. Players get egos too quickly in cs and start playing stupidly instead of playing for the team.
    2020-11-27 01:45
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    he also gave almost 0 info and didnt listen to my info. he didnt give any tactic either. only solo play baiting. if u are better than your teammates, maybe u should bait and push with them instead of hiding in a corner until all are dead and get 2 useless exit frags?
    2020-11-27 01:46
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    yeah hes just a prick, if his is better then fair enough dont go in first but go in for the trade kill, literally an easier kill than 1v x. Not everyone is comfortable calling strats aswell
    2020-11-27 02:06
    Dude instead of doing all this complaining just get some friends and play with them it's not rocket science.
    2020-11-27 02:07
    people in faceit only care about k/d and not teamplay .
    2020-11-27 02:09
    I'm in exactly at the same spot as you, 1 out of 3 games i play with or against boosters and they all are surprisingly bad. there's one tactic that i developed over time that is to simply shut everything down. it comes a certain stage in a match where you already tried to organize things, you already tried to reason you tried everything you could, but still, someone doesn't want to play ball and you're getting rekt.. well, mute everyone, put on some nice low music if you want, clean your mind from the tilt and casual tha fuck out of the game hope this helps
    2020-11-27 02:20
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