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    sick music covers
    2020-11-24 21:09
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    27 replies
    no pleaaaaase xDD
    2020-11-24 21:11
    19 replies
    no pls but you play Ed Shitran.... xD
    2020-11-24 21:13
    3 replies
    LOL he actually sings and dosent scream?
    2020-11-24 21:14
    2 replies
    Hm dont actually like ed sheeran (i dont mean bad to you my friend you my brother) but this guy naxalite13 linked even worse music in my ears
    2020-11-25 09:50
    It takes more talent to scream. Plus, the dude can actually sing pretty excellent, better than ed sharen even. And I'm not a fan of either
    2020-11-25 12:01
    The Craig David cover is pretty dope The Ed Sheeran cover is boring. Just because hey it's acoustic doesn't make it good. Touch is not the type of song to work in acoustic. I couldn't even recognize the song
    2020-11-24 21:15
    14 replies
    he wrote both of those songs the redhead is a genius bro
    2020-11-24 21:16
    13 replies
    The quality of the covers are vastly different. One is a disaster the other pretty good
    2020-11-24 21:17
    12 replies
    i rlly like both tho
    2020-11-24 21:18
    11 replies
    It's ok to like both. You have the right to your opinion Im just saying purely musically speaking it's a disaster
    2020-11-24 21:19
    10 replies
    ok elitist
    2020-11-24 21:23
    9 replies
    Why does that make me an elitist
    2020-11-24 23:03
    8 replies
    "Im just saying purely musically speaking it's a disaster"
    2020-11-25 09:10
    7 replies
    So because i have an education in music i can not say that? That's a lie. It's my opinion :D though based off of some truth
    2020-11-25 09:12
    6 replies
    purely musically speaking lmao... what makes something a disaster musically speaking? Enlighten me oh music god.
    2020-11-25 09:16
    5 replies
    Why do you have to be so rude ;( My musical genius shall not be wasted on you peasant
    2020-11-25 09:24
    4 replies
    how am i rude? im just asking you to explain it to me. just lay it out in musical terms, i'll understand. I am genuinely curious what you mean by something being a disaster purely musically speaking
    2020-11-25 09:25
    3 replies
    Have you heard the original song. Truth was a song made for the club. It is heavily edited, and it's vocals use sound effects and editing. So by removing those the song in the first place just feels off but more over, there is no guitar in the song. So why is there an acoustic version of the song. It's an entirely different song. The vocals, the instruments and sound effects are changed to fit an unncessary acoustic version. The other version is a Justin Bieber song that already has an official acoustic version. the original song has a guitar, uses the same vocals and does not use sound effect on said vocals. An acoustic version here is obvious to hightligt Justin biebers good vocals. By changing singer and adding a choir the original song still lives on with the same guitar notes and vocals. Do you see what i mean? It's a bit hard to explain
    2020-11-25 09:38
    2 replies
    I mean I understand where youre coming from, but often I feel like that kind of genre-switch works. For example, the club hit Dancing on My Own by Robyn was adapted by Callum Scott to fit a ballad format, which i think really works youtube.com/watch?v=CcNo07Xp8aQ youtube.com/watch?v=z7BgY_wTNZA so i think that, while it might not necessarily work in this specific case, i think it's unnecessary to say that this wouldn't work because of the way it is written, if you get what i mean :D
    2020-11-25 09:41
    1 reply
    I still think the "club hit" had the vocals to back up an attempt at a acoustic version? But in the end of the day outside of the things he is singing it is an entirely different song. Nothing is kept from the original except the text Even though the acoustic version is good it still does not feel like the original song at all. The lyrics could have been changed and there would be no difference in the song which makes an acoustic version useless
    2020-11-25 09:44
    Bad song covered by even worse band :D
    2020-11-25 09:34
    6 replies
    so tasteless bro kys
    2020-11-25 21:14
    5 replies
    Im sorry you like shitty metal ?????♀?
    2020-11-25 23:11
    4 replies
    you like untalented rap
    2020-11-26 19:21
    3 replies
    Yeah cuz what you sent is made by talented people ????
    2020-11-26 22:13
    2 replies
    its a matter of taste bro, stop crying
    2020-11-26 22:18
    1 reply
    Why did you say #54 then? ???? Just go listen to actually good metal bruv
    2020-11-26 22:53
    This song in C standard is the definition of sick youtu.be/l69Cq38GgZ4
    2020-11-24 21:14
    2 replies
    Elena is goddess
    2020-11-24 21:21
    1 reply
    she is
    2020-11-24 21:22
    2020-11-24 21:15
    Eminem - Lose Yourself covered by some carebears youtube.com/watch?v=gMKC7mPUkYQ
    2020-11-24 21:17
    4 replies
    They ruined it
    2020-11-24 21:20
    3 replies
    You don't like it* 7M views 146k likes 6k dislikes
    2020-11-24 21:22
    2 replies
    Its eminem song with no eminem flow. I just cant enjoy it
    2020-11-25 09:51
    1 reply
    Fair enough
    2020-11-25 14:05
    1 reply
    Thank you, all these other covers are total crap.
    2020-11-25 09:45
    2nd one is meh..
    2020-11-24 21:26
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along The Watchtower youtube.com/watch?v=qmGFFJtkDXA&ab_chann..
    2020-11-24 21:26
    Why every one posting Loud metal links? My head started to hurt
    2020-11-24 21:28
    youtube.com/watch?v=ysv84KEZXWw vocalist voices is so good.
    2020-11-24 21:31
    1 reply
    she sounds like a mouse with a stuffed nose
    2020-11-24 22:04
    2020-11-24 22:15
    2020-11-24 23:05
    2020-11-24 23:30
    youtube.com/watch?v=8AHCfZTRGiI One of the best covers
    2020-11-25 09:35
    1 reply
    2020-11-25 09:58
    youtube.com/watch?v=iEBcAqjpitQ easily the best Pink Floyd cover
    2020-11-25 09:44
    1 reply
    I do love some serj
    2020-11-26 22:33
    look this is insane, much better than original Pink floyd another brick in the wall youtube.com/watch?v=jvFgR7IIP_c
    2020-11-26 22:28
    youtu.be/myZ32Pf-5PE My favorite singer
    2020-11-26 22:34
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