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    YNk didn’t like FaZe’s effort
    Portugal?LADY_NINI - HLTV.org?
    Did you have the chance to watch our latest HLTV Confirmed interview with YNk? The former FaZe coach had tough words regarding his ex-team work ethic, have a look: Source: twitter.com/HLTVconfirmed/status/1330967.. What do you think? Do you believe FaZe is a challenging team to coach for anyone? FaZe is still without a coach, do you believe they can do without one for longer?
    2020-11-24 20:57
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    I didn't.
    2020-11-24 20:59
    Guardian said this in 2019 that only Niko was the one who gave 100% and the others didn't practice hard enough
    2020-11-24 20:59
    18 replies
    NiKo god
    2020-11-24 21:02
    2 replies
    youtu.be/UwXDyJuQ1vQ?t=443 heres the interview if people want to take a listen
    2020-11-24 21:03
    1 reply
    Thanks for sharing! :)
    2020-11-24 21:54
    "NiKo was the villain" - Maybe he isn't?
    2020-11-24 21:03
    9 replies
    with no doubt
    2020-11-24 21:06
    he's not innocent but people try to but all the blame on him for everything... its the same situation with s1mple.
    2020-11-24 21:07
    3 replies
    People having egos when they are stars isn't new. But, it's easy to paint heroes and villains when you are the top of the food chain, no matter what they do, they're going to be haters. And some of us, the "randoms" sometimes thrive too much on seeing confident people fail.
    2020-11-24 21:18
    1 reply
    niko has also stated recently that coldzera was the most hardworking team mate he ever played with. It's not only a question of effort. niko's efforts for faze are undeniable, however the outcome never was as expected and that's what triggers people into thinking he wasn't working hard enough. He was, it just didn't turn out as good as they planned. now, either because his igling was lackluster or the team just didn't get on track with him, we'll find out once we see how faze do after getting a permanent 5th and an established roster.
    2020-11-25 09:57
    dont try to make s1mple some wannabe igl holding the team back
    2020-11-24 21:52
    I do not think anybody besides Thoorin holds that viewpoint. But NiKo certainly was a big part of the issue. He might have been the one who was putting up most on the board in terms of frags, but the performance of his teammates suffered due to his attitude, his poor calling and his unwillingness to get a proper IGL.
    2020-11-24 22:55
    3 replies
    Did you watch YNk's interview?
    2020-11-25 08:28
    2 replies
    Not yet, no. However ynk and NiKo are very good friends, so I do not expect an unbiased answer of him.
    2020-11-25 10:40
    1 reply
    just watch once...Yeah I know Niko and Ynk friends but I don't think it's related to that
    2020-11-25 11:58
    Still people will critisize him NiKo was going to giveup igl roles for alex and what happened ? The org shitted on the deal thats why I didnt like FaZe org and was supporting bcz of NiKo and rain
    2020-11-25 09:19
    4 replies
    wdym FaZe org. the org is just letting the players roam free and they pretty much make all the decisions, or so it should have been, because it was mostly NiKo making roster decisions and he was against bringing in players like Alex or Lekr0 because in his opinion they were not good enough for the team.
    2020-11-25 10:41
    3 replies
    Go and watch the video with ynk.You don't have to watch the whole thing , just the parts where he talks about the inability to get the IGL and niko. They wanted alex and niko himself said it was his wish to bring him in the team before he left and was dissapointed that he couldn't.
    2020-11-25 10:48
    I asked NiKo why the ALEX transfer didn't go through: clips.twitch.tv/ImpartialNurturingCobraH.. "I think the answer is pretty obvious, we all wanted it, and it didn't happen. Should be very simple."
    2020-11-25 10:57
    1 reply
    some people will never change their thinking its good if we ignore them
    2020-11-25 16:13
    It's sad they weren't even provided with a psychologist and other things, while every other team had them.
    2020-11-24 21:01
    18 replies
    Some more insights on the matter: twitter.com/HLTVconfirmed/status/1330976.. Watch the full VOD, it's full of interesting food for thought.
    2020-11-24 21:04
    yes yes just copy everything astralis does. I heard astralis played bowling every second tuesday so i guess faze have to play bowling now.
    2020-11-24 21:16
    14 replies
    What a stupid argument
    2020-11-24 21:54
    10 replies
    everyone is obsessed what astralis is doing and copying them blindly.
    2020-11-24 22:02
    9 replies
    but the psychologist turned them from chokers to champions
    2020-11-24 22:24
    8 replies
    But you dont know that. You cant just point to one factor and credit it to that. Astralis got sponsored by jack&jones. Because they all wore the same jacket they became champions. Do you hear how stupid that sounds?
    2020-11-24 22:34
    7 replies
    I can because that was the biggest change they did. they literally started winning almost instantly after that. also that jack and jones argument is really stupid.
    2020-11-24 22:38
    2 replies
    Don't waste your time on him.
    2020-11-25 07:01
    it wasn't just stupid. it was moronic. there are things you can say to your coach, there are also things you can say to players on your team and there are things you can say to a psychologist. out of these three groups you can safely vent your frustrations only to the psychologist.
    2020-11-25 09:41
    have you ever heard of trial and error? you see them using psychologists and see they thrived because of it so you try that out yourself aswell.may work or not it is a fact that astralis benefitted from having a psychologist so you dont lose anything from trying yourself either
    2020-11-25 09:24
    2 replies
    I'm not saying it didn't have an effect, it probably did, but this guy clearly knew 100% it was only because of their psychologist so i just made a hyperbolic example showing how ridiculous it's assuming one factor only is to be attributed to their success.
    2020-11-25 10:52
    1 reply
    so you are accepting it works 50% instead of 100 you didnt have to be an asshole while writing it, you could have said that a psychologist wouldnt have made enough difference or something
    2020-11-25 11:15
    It isnt very far fetched to believe that having a psychologist to help the players cope with the immense pressure, critique from fans, org, themselves etc. can have an effect on performance and consistency. Sports psychologists are literally used in every big sport to some extent and if the players even felt like they could have some benefit from using one, its a bit weird that the org wouldnt get them that help. In the highest level of play, the differences between teams come to very small details and if all other top teams are using a sports psychologist and you arent - and you struggle with consistency, its a no brainer for me to at least give it a shot. Also YNk mentioned that they didnt even have an analyst to help him and NiKo with preparation, strategies etc. Thats just mad. Look at the structure behind the best teams like Vitality and Astralis, they have everything they could need and more. If they just have the right persons to do the job, they will be able to get so much better preparation for each game and evolve their game tactically. There isnt enough hours in a day for one or two persons to do the same job.
    2020-11-25 09:56
    yeah you're right my bad :)
    2020-11-25 07:18
    I mean who wouldn't go play bowling every other tuesday if it meant he would win four majors? xdd
    2020-11-25 08:49
    Its total BS like Astralis set a trend astralis was only team to master nuke and everyteam does its a good thing as look at astralis they have 4 majors it doesnt matter if you copy them and get good look at vitality they also have psycological coach In this online times you might have seen NiKo getting frustrated everymatch every single time the cam is on NiKo he is desperate even if they win he is not happy I knew he is going to leave after major/end of the year and he did and Am Happy
    2020-11-25 09:23
    Do you know if g2 have one? Because NiKo is still malding over there
    2020-11-25 07:36
    1 reply
    hahaha, Idk if G2 currently has one but they're very supportive, if Malek and players feel like they need one they'll definitely provide them, if they don't have already.
    2020-11-25 07:40
    Faze as an org has the money but not the skill to properly function and make a safe work environment. They had no Psychologist, demands on physical fitness and no food regulations
    2020-11-24 21:05
    6 replies
    fortnite org
    2020-11-24 21:10
    Like ocelote said, CLOWN ORG LUL Ocelote/g2 god tier org, from shitty lol team (5y ago?), to best known org with a top5 team in basically every esport.
    2020-11-24 21:12
    4 replies
    you forgot the g2 superteam disaster + smithzz and ex7? xD
    2020-11-24 22:25
    1 reply
    Trial and error my friend. Also their team with shox, Rpk and scream(?) was close to being sick. All they need was KennyS.. Or smth. But irrelevant now, because now they are top5 for sure.
    2020-11-25 07:19
    They don’t have a top 5 team in Roblox.
    2020-11-24 22:48
    2020-11-25 09:52
    Imagine being the only one alongside Niko who's actually caring and trying to better the team, only to be berated by rando people on the internet while they praise the rest of the team.
    2020-11-24 21:14
    1 reply
    +1 Underrated comment
    2020-11-25 08:10
    probably niko & coldzera who're acting like children.
    2020-11-24 21:15
    1 reply
    2020-11-24 21:51
    When are we gonna talk about Ynk's effort? Did he do anything in terms of coming up with new strats or anti-stratting other teams? It would be pretty hypocritical to criticize faze on their efforts when you haven't put that much work yourself.
    2020-11-24 22:04
    5 replies
    Wtf u know bout ynk's efforts?
    2020-11-24 22:22
    3 replies
    Yeah, unless u have insider info, i won't believe u
    2020-11-24 22:42
    Not much, I have just seen some matches here and there, didn't happen to notice any effort by the coach, even the timeouts didn't feel productive. So, yeah, I am entertaining the possibility that Ynk is blaming FaZe for his failure.
    2020-11-25 14:32
    1 reply
    Just realized your post could be understood in two ways, my bad. That possibility really is there, and wouldnt be too surprised if it was true knowing the way this kind of outspoken persons tend to be
    2020-11-25 14:39
    2020-11-25 10:59
    2020-11-24 22:16
    what do you expect of olof and others and cold ppl that care more about fame and $$$$$ you must be really blindly stupid to think that those guys are really tryhard their asses to get better and better. I am pretty sure that they don't even prepare for the enemy just join the match with a few praccs before or some shit...
    2020-11-24 22:24
    1 reply
    +1, it think he was talking about olof rain and cold !
    2020-11-25 09:15
    faze should disband tbh no future and cold is wasting his carrier when he could go back to brazil and make much more money from playing against tier 3
    2020-11-24 22:40
    2 replies
    There is a future. Their IGL and coach leave, and then (at IEM Beijing) they place above: NiP, mousesports, Fnatic and OG, while beating OG and Vitality who went on to win the tournament.
    2020-11-25 11:02
    1 reply
    cant rely on broky carrying them every single game
    2020-11-25 16:59
    2020-11-24 23:08
    Let me just say this. We know Cold and NiKo are both players who give 110% every time. I think going forward there will need to be some tough cuts. I personally think you scrap the core of the team and rebuild around Coldzera and broky. Furthermore, I know rain gets a lot of praise from teammates and past coaches on the roster, however, I think that he probably would be a better fit in a different roster since I think that Cold and Rain excel under two different styles of leadership. We saw in 2016 and 2017 how good Coldzera was at getting trades and winning clutches for the major-winning SK/Luminosity roster. Fallen did an amazing job setting cold up and putting him in spots where he can use his insane aim and spray. Rain however is entirely different he thrives in an environment where he is given the freedom to make plays etc. Rain has always had someone with the best aim. He is really good at clearing out angles etc. I think he should go to mouz to be under karrigan in place of frozen. Then I think the organization could buyout a guy like Aleksib who I think has a style that would help Cold get back his 2017 form.
    2020-11-24 23:29
    2 replies
    wtf leave GOD frozen alone, -bymas if anything
    2020-11-25 08:16
    true, rain has said he enjoys playing under karrigan igl b4 and it makes sense
    2020-11-25 09:48
    Total hearsay. This could easily just be a salty ex coach who failed at his job and wants to blame it on others. Or it could be true. Either way we will never know. One thing is for certain and that is that ynk failed as a coach with two separate teams. Why would any player be motivated with him as their coach and niko as their igl?
    2020-11-25 07:50
    4 replies
    2020-11-25 08:16
    lul, just pure hate
    2020-11-25 09:16
    2 replies
    It's not pure hate man. I don't care about faze. I am not a faze fan. It's just the obvious conclusion.
    2020-11-25 18:24
    1 reply
    exactly, you're so deluded by hate you call you shit opinion obvious conclusion.
    2020-11-26 09:07
    Of course he didn't because faze don't give a fuck about any other game except fortnite
    2020-11-25 08:19
    Cant be Niko Unlikely to be cold cos cold also works hard Kinda unlikely to be Kjaerbye as well cos hes been out of it for so long youd think hed work his ass off to improve and get back to winning ways Leaves brokyy and rain. He said "long standing member". -> rain
    2020-11-25 08:22
    3 replies
    +1, Rain and Olof
    2020-11-25 09:16
    Yeah, has got to be rain :( But as someone else has said, he might want to blame the lack of success on others.
    2020-11-25 11:06
    Broky was playing playong fpl 24/7 last 2 months he is putting good amount of time i think
    2020-11-25 11:20
    YNk just wasn't suitable coach for FaZe. I think they should find a suitable coach asap
    2020-11-25 08:32
    3 replies
    No coach and iglwill be suitable with the team if team doesnt want to work hard Like ynk said that he have to remind them of basic things like a child to take proper sleep and ingame someone forgets lineup etc and we saw it so many times they forgot to plant bomb and missed smokes etc
    2020-11-25 09:27
    2 replies
    G2 too i watched almost every game, and they are missing smokes many times especially on dd2 long when u have to communicate with your teammates if he is gonna smokes close or far. I dont think smokes is a problem
    2020-11-25 11:22
    1 reply
    the mistake is not the problem the problem is mentality when someone miss the smoke it eff up the mentality of team when they make a mistake they gets confused and have nothing to do they seems lost
    2020-11-25 16:12
    He sounds totally legit the whole interview. Faze's org never cared about the CSGO roster.
    2020-11-25 08:42
    Having so many good players like Rain niko and cold in the same team probably makes it feel like they have to practice less. Im almost sure that broky probably was the only one really putting in work. The kid plays a shit ton of fpl and dm aswell probably.
    2020-11-25 08:43
    I didn’t like YNk ’s effort
    2020-11-25 09:21
    still doesnt change the fact that he did not come up with any tactics for months and faze tried to brawl into sites every round
    2020-11-25 09:22
    Effort doesn't equal team balance, synergy and fitment espcially on a plastic international roster that is run like a try American capitalist thinking buying the best players equals number one results.
    2020-11-25 10:55
    2020-11-25 18:24
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