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    -chrisJ +CeRq or acoR they need a good consistent AWPer EZ
    2020-11-23 14:52
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    cerq would be amazing. EG roster will probably go to valorant soon anyway, let's save my boy cerq
    2020-11-23 14:53
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    wouldn't be suprised, NA Valorant scene is popping. EU scene in CS is establishing itself more and more. NA CSGO is going to die as we know it because everyone is moving to Valorant. Every EU CS player stays because of the possibilities in EU.
    2020-11-23 14:55
    Ethan, breehze and CerQ trio with better igl and maybe Obo or some kind of tarik role player instead of that bot that pugs and goes 3-18 vs EU would be awesome
    2020-11-23 14:56
    4 replies
    yes it would be great maybe vanity could join them since xeppa might join furia
    2020-11-23 15:01
    3 replies
    lmao xeppa furia
    2020-11-23 15:09
    2 replies
    He is not even lying that's the worst part
    2020-11-24 20:56
    1 reply
    I saw the hltv confirmed talking about that, ithought he was baiting, insane thing
    2020-11-25 02:44
    +cerq would be the best! even if they don't wanna let chrisj go they can build a 6 man team with bymas as 6th, cerq as the main awp and switching between bymas and chrisj in bet. matches like vitality
    2020-11-24 07:56
    2020-11-23 14:53
    maybe, CrisJ is a big part, but he is not "doing" his job. Hes not awping regulary and not pulling his weight anymore. I like him, but his performance dropped off
    2020-11-23 14:54
    Why do People do these threads so often, first of all not happening before end of year, second karrigan May go to Faze and get ropz with him and then rip and 3rd rather remove bymas and let karrigan be a decoy entry with ropz and frozen behind than replacing the support player
    2020-11-23 14:54
    5 replies
    The only player karrigan can bring back with him to faze would be bymas, lol, mouz knows ropz is their star, they will just keep an insane buyout for him to avoid him getting picked up. He can take bymas anyways, not that mouz is getting a lot out of him.
    2020-11-23 14:56
    4 replies
    And you base that on what? Edit, i think ropz contract is soon expiring too and ropz isnt More expensive than Niko so faze will have the money if karrigan goes as free agent
    2020-11-23 14:57
    3 replies
    Why do u think that his contract is expiring soon? any source?
    2020-11-23 14:59
    2 replies
    I think march next year, there were rumours Last week i think, dekay but i probably wont find his tweet if we are talking about karrigan, but i think somebody mentioned ropz one has similar length
    2020-11-23 15:07
    1 reply
    Deekay already said that ropz going to faze has a very little chance whatsoever in a tweet. mobile.twitter.com/ventsii99/status/1329.. And it doesn't matter if niko is a more seasoned player or not, orgs decide buyouts so if they think they don't want anyone moving they are free to set an insane buyout. I remember at around 2018 NBKs buyout was set at 800k by G2, everbody knows nobody would buy NBK at 800k, it was just to avoid orgs scalping hin, finally Vitality got him for a lot cheaper.
    2020-11-23 16:52
    +999 cerq/acor is the addition that can finally make this roster play to its potential again
    2020-11-23 14:54
    consistent awper and cerq in the same sentence LULW
    2020-11-23 15:03
    4 replies
    Name checks out and lmao wtf is that he does well 8/10 games, which is better than your flair's awper atm
    2020-11-23 15:08
    1 reply
    -poizon +cerq? I like poizon but every coL game i've watched recently he's been a lame duck it seems. Cold stretch maybe give him the big end of the year events to see if he picks back up
    2020-11-23 22:40
    Cerq is an insane awper in his own might, the entire EG roster slumped, on a capable squad cerq would be back in form.
    2020-11-23 16:54
    dying scene checks out
    2020-11-24 14:37
    2020-11-23 15:07
    It would be the only case in which I would live with the idea to drop godJ. Cerq is great. Make it happen.
    2020-11-23 16:55
    2 replies
    +2 appreciate the honesty
    2020-11-23 22:40
    1 reply
    2020-11-24 14:15
    just rebuild the whole roster around ropz and frozen
    2020-11-23 16:57
    8 replies
    AZR Liazz CeRq frozen ropz
    2020-11-23 22:35
    7 replies
    Yeah ??
    2020-11-23 22:46
    thats good
    2020-11-24 06:24
    If you think AZR > Karrigan.. I don't know what to reply.
    2020-11-24 07:39
    4 replies
    then don't reply at all ;)
    2020-11-24 13:33
    3 replies
    Didn't :)
    2020-11-24 13:36
    2 replies
    2020-11-24 14:34
    1 reply
    Didn't reply about the "AZR > Karrigan" :)
    2020-11-24 14:43
    I have never commented on any of these useless topics about Team -this player +this player blabla. But Cerq to mouz would actually be insane. Would love to see that happen, even though I doubt it.
    2020-11-23 22:39
    They don't even need a "good" awper they just need a "decent" awper that will fix the problem as well.
    2020-11-23 22:41
    mhL, acoR, Maka or slaxz-
    2020-11-23 22:53
    1 reply
    Acor would be God men))
    2020-11-24 06:39
    I feel EG value Cerq even above Brehze/Ethan. I think Maka or acoR would be more likely.
    2020-11-24 07:10
    but also ChrisJ has overstayed his welcome in Mouse by maybe 2 years now? and they still haven't removed him so I think he's staying for at least another year until he benches himself
    2020-11-24 07:11
    Honestly , mousesports should disband .
    2020-11-24 07:43
    13 replies
    12 replies
    It was easiest match for Navi LUL
    2020-11-24 10:11
    11 replies
    2-0>2-3 x2 Woops woops Ahahahahahahahha
    2020-11-24 10:12
    10 replies
    S1mple is GOAT CRY IS FREE swedistan
    2020-11-24 10:13
    9 replies
    +1 s0mple g0d hahahahaa 2-0>2-3 what a g0d s0mple xd
    2020-11-24 10:14
    6 replies
    Swedish CS in 2020 LUL
    2020-11-24 10:14
    5 replies
    brooooo \____________/
    2020-11-24 10:16
    Sweden>Ukraine in cs
    2020-11-24 14:33
    3 replies
    o only one who saved Ukraine scene was Zeus
    2020-11-24 14:39
    S1mple > Ukraine CS /CLOSED
    2020-11-24 15:11
    1 reply
    but still Sweden>Ukraine
    2020-11-24 20:55
    says the crybaby here
    2020-11-24 14:39
    1 reply
    You are a crybaby lol
    2020-11-24 15:10
    -chris +awper -botmas +entry
    2020-11-24 10:10
    3 replies
    +guardian + styko
    2020-11-24 14:22
    2 replies
    Very decent actually! Styko can play bitch roles like chris (when woxic was in the team) and guardian are free agent atm, they could try him. Karrigan on entry then.
    2020-11-24 14:24
    1 reply
    Yes, guardian looks good as I watch his streams
    2020-11-24 14:30
    maybe +mantuu on AWP PogU
    2020-11-24 10:21
    -frozen +guardian, allu, broky, or simple (jk)
    2020-11-24 14:36
    2 replies
    -rifler+awp braindead
    2020-11-24 20:57
    1 reply
    yeah they have too many rifles and all of those awpers are provenly good
    2020-11-24 21:41
    acor is not cheap player tho
    2020-11-24 14:44
    Mouse need get broky
    2020-11-25 02:50
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