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    BLM is a good idea with bad execution
    It is super early right now and I know everyone is sick of politics but after the stupidity I just experienced and how many brain cells I lost on this thread I decided to make a thread about it reddit.com/r/furry_irl/comments/jvlf2r/f.. anyways BLM is a good idea with awful executions Their ideas are incredibly flawed or just flat out wrong and spring told us how easily manipulated people are not only in the US but internationally too. 1."Police kill black Americans at significantly higher rates than white Americans" This can easily be explained by the typical 13/50 quote and the fact that black Americans are far more likely to resist arrest or accused of resisting arrest. wnyc.org/story/resisting-arrest-black-wh.. 2."Unarmed black Americans are killed by the police at alarming rates" washingtonpost.com/graphics/investigatio.. 13 unarmed black Americans were killed in 2019 which is not a significant amount at all 3. "driving while black" bjs.gov/content/pub/ascii/cpp99.txt Overall, most drivers who experienced a traffic stop indicated that they felt the officer had a legitimate reason for making the stop: nearly 9 out of 10 white drivers and 3 out of 4 black drivers described the officer as having had a legitimate reason for the stop. The majority of both white (90%) and black (75%) Americans think that the reason they got pulled over was fair however 15% less black people think that their pullover was justified, this can be explained by the fact that black Americans and Latinos are more likely to drive above the speed limit city-journal.org/html/racial-profiling-m.. blacks make up 16 percent of the drivers on the turnpike, and 25 percent of the speeders in the 65-mile-per-hour zones, where profiling complaints are most common. (The study counted only those going more than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit as speeders.) Black drivers speed twice as much as white drivers, and speed at reckless levels even more. Blacks are actually stopped less than their speeding behavior would predict—they are 23 percent of those stopped. 4."Black people are arrested at higher rates for drug use despite the fact that they use drugs at similar rates to white Americans" Black Americans are far more likely to live in violent, urban, and poorer environments where more police would be needed and those drugs will cause far more damage in those communities than in a primarily white middle-class environment. not to mention that black Americans nearly 2x more likely to resist arrest when being caught using drugs (see #1) I can probably go on and on criticizing their ideas but the idea of wanting to help black Americans is very good but their ideas of helping are incredibly flawed, Defunding the police in major cities where the crime rate is above the national average? being against 2 parent homes when single-parent households are one of the main issues that are hurting black communities, If BLM actually cared about black lives they would focus on things such as lack of 2 parent homes, Underfunded schools, unemployment rate, etc etc. Also, this thread is not breaking any rules according to HLTV hltv.org/forums/rules Thanks for coming to my ted talk!
    2020-11-19 07:51
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    nice effort for just 1% who will actually read this
    2020-11-19 07:53
    2 replies
    I fucking know mateeee my sleep schedule is also fucked too
    2020-11-19 07:54
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    Blm name is awful and unjust in itself It should've been more supportive to blacks Not a pity party cult lol
    2020-11-19 09:36
    Nice effort for just 0.00001% who will actually read this
    2020-11-19 07:53
    1 reply
    Ppl are too lazy
    2020-11-19 08:40
    go post this on r/changemyview or something
    2020-11-19 07:54
    8 replies
    He’ll be downvoted to hell by the fragile Reddit cucks.
    2020-11-19 08:10
    7 replies
    2020-11-19 08:29
    +1 reddit clowns 0 iq, not like 400 iq hltv mans
    2020-11-19 09:00
    +1 I literally posted a comment similar to this in the subreddit I linked and it went -200 lol the funny thing is there were almost no arguments against what I said, just members of the subreddit calling me a racist
    2020-11-19 09:12
    1 reply
    I’ve done this too. I voiced my opinion on an issue and it wasn’t even that controversial but because i happened to not align with the rest of the subreddit i was practically chased out of the subreddit by a big mob. The subreddits name was ironically ”politics” which implies it is a subreddit for open, civil political discussion. But no, i absolutely despise Reddit after this, what an absolute shithole and no subreddit is any different, it’s like someone cloned 5,000,000 neckbeards and signed them up to Reddit.
    2020-11-23 08:16
    2020-11-19 09:36
    2020-11-23 05:16
    United States?Jaksin
    +1 Reddit is an echochamber
    2020-11-23 05:27
    Couldnt care less about blm protests
    2020-11-19 07:54
    Wall of text and no single sentence about why it's a good idea lmao
    2020-11-19 07:57
    2020-11-19 08:01
    I support BLM in principle. I think George Floyd was a flawed person who had commited crimes in his past. Nonetheless, his treatment contributed to his death (panic attack/hyperventilation/cardiac arrest) and the officers who insisted on such treatment were complicit in a crime (not murder, manslaughter). I do not support rioting or protests/public gatherings of any sort during covid. This includes trump rallies, concerts, BLM protests, etc. I think protesting accomplishes nothing anyway besides being a method for people to vent their frustration.
    2020-11-19 08:03
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    +1 this is just simple common sense, thank god some people still have it
    2020-11-19 08:52
    Yeah man I supported BLM and was left leaning until George Floyd and the riots which was when I kinda opened my eyes. There are good people, bad people, but mostly two faced Toledos in this world. Its just the reality. There are many scary things in the world, the dark, heights, the unknown, but I think people can arguably be the scariest fear.
    2020-11-23 05:20
    2020-11-19 08:03
    Honestly, you should have waited till evening with such a thread.
    2020-11-19 08:04
    I think you put up some totally valid points +1
    2020-11-19 08:06
    1 reply
    2020-11-19 08:36
    A good read. I 100% agree with you, the actual phrase ”Black Lives Matter i can get behind, i see black people as normal citizens, they need to be and are treated equal for the most part. But the actual organization named BLM i simply cannot get behind. The problem is that organizations like Antifa and BLM hide under these names that sound good so they can do awful and disgusting things, and they get away with it.
    2020-11-19 08:09
    4 replies
    antifa is not an organization, its an ideology. Same could be said about BLM; there is no national blm organization that im aware of, there’s no charter or certification.
    2020-11-19 08:13
    3 replies
    That is problem number 2. Their members and leaders can get away with doing stupid shit without the organization taking credibility or the blame. Especially during these protests there are hundreds of these exact cases, it’s disgusting. They are as much an organization as The Proud Boys or The KKK. But yet so many people fail to condemn their actions and intentions. They just brush it off as an ”idea”, ”nothing to worry about”. Yet the similar groups on the other side of the political spectrum are a danger to society despite some of them being completely harmless. Antifa for example incite fear in the population with violence to achieve their intentions and further their agenda. That is quite literally terrorism.
    2020-11-19 08:26
    2 replies
    The reason why their ‘members’ can get away with doing stupid shit is because their is no membership, lol. Anybody can say ‘I support BLM’ and boom, you are part of BLM. That’s why you see so many corporations support BLM in advertising. It costs them nothing to do so, and is very profitable. And ‘antifa’, like the ‘proud boys’, is literally a group of retards. Even their name makes no sense, because facism doesn’t exist currently exist in the US. And, might I ask, what are the intentions of this movement/ideology? There is no antifa website or antifa central office I can call. My personal opinion is that ‘antifa’ is an umbrella term used by right wingers to identify people who belong to a number of different radical groups that go out and protest. I suspect that members of these fringe groups dont even refer to themselves as antifa.
    2020-11-19 08:49
    1 reply
    I don’t know about the US but Antifa literally has a website in Sweden where you can sign up for protests, take contact and ”organize”. They are a real organization here atleast, maybe that’s why we view them so differently. Even the leftist parties endorse them after throwing rocks at the police and their horses, bystanders and the ones they’re protesting against. It’s so fucked. Why won’t most Democrats condemn the actions of far-left groups and why are they not criticized for that? I still wonder that to this day.
    2020-11-19 08:57
    2020-11-19 08:08
    bro its super early and im sick of politics
    2020-11-19 08:09
    Bro seriously, i dont wanna think about this shit. Please just fking stop spamming politics down my throat already. I dont really care much about the well being of African Americans okay? Most of the users are europeans so i dont think any of us really give a shit
    2020-11-19 08:12
    3 replies
    is cerq the best bulgarian player?
    2020-11-19 08:14
    If we were white European grills then sure, we would care, but yeah,you are right, noone gives a fuck
    2020-11-19 08:25
    just dont click the thread brooooooooooooooooooo
    2020-11-19 09:32
    +1 Respect
    2020-11-19 08:25
    If BLM actually cared about black lives they would focus on things such as lack of 2 parent homes, Underfunded schools, unemployment rate, etc etc. This is actually a very good point
    2020-11-19 08:27
    1 reply
    ye, this is why i have no respect for the movement. it isn't fixing things. it's just finding people to blame for their problems, but reality is most of the problems they face originate from their own people. that's a huge problem.
    2020-11-19 08:59
    After reading all of this post: What you wrote makes perfect sense Thanks for your input and info and I agree with #22
    2020-11-19 08:42
    Lmaoooooo fucking political furrys wtf also yes they are short sighted and only care about the symptoms and not the source while acting like they are morally superior and are objectively right. I mean some went full circle and advocated black only communities and stuff so just straight up segregation
    2020-11-19 08:38
    1 reply
    Leftists don't care about minorities, they just want to use them to get in power. There are tons of colleges controlled by leftists that already have forma of segregation.
    2020-11-19 09:19
    BLM is a terrorist organization /closed
    2020-11-19 08:40
    i didnt read but the title is enough to +1
    2020-11-19 09:15
    Funny that when Trump introduced school choice - which would help black children get out of the bad neighbourhoods - democrats fought against it and then called him racist along with the whole media.
    2020-11-19 09:16
    Wow you finally made a good thread gj! Though if i was in BLM id probably spread awereness of the fact the average gdp of african-americans is half of the white americans. That's pretty bad.
    2020-11-19 09:25
    Weeb opinion does not matter, gay redditor. Go back to the cave where you came from.
    2020-11-19 09:37
    United States?snebr
    Didn't read but I agree with the sentiment
    2020-11-23 05:18
    okay but why were you browsing like a furry subreddit
    2020-11-23 05:29
    2 replies
    2020-11-23 06:03
    I joined it a while ago when i used to use reddit more the subreddit went to shit and theres almost nothing funny posted there anymore
    2020-11-23 08:26
    tldr also pretty rare anything criticizing or judging blm doesn't get deleted super quickly
    2020-11-23 08:17
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