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    2020-11-18 23:06
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    What you talkin bout willis
    2020-11-18 23:07
    who gives a shit about these rewards? they literally mean nothing
    2020-11-18 23:08
    1 reply
    +1 its like the grammies/oscars. people stopped watching that shit because of all the dog shit winners over the years.
    2020-11-19 00:16
    2020-11-18 23:08
    1 reply
    maybe if they start bringing updates regularly
    2020-11-19 13:35
    the game is awesome. the experience for those who played the first and got hooked to it sucked hard. you can't deny that the game is really well built, has a deep storyline, good mechanics and such. i won't spoil to those who haven't played, but you know why we that played the first, didn't liked the second.
    2020-11-18 23:09
    9 replies
    the games journalists were literally paid by naughty dog to give it a good review. rlewis has a good video on it if you're curious
    2020-11-18 23:10
    5 replies
    i have no doubt that this happens, this kinda of stuff is going on ever since the radio era - we even have a word for it in BR that would be "to pay a jabá (to bribe)". But the game really is good.
    2020-11-18 23:13
    4 replies
    i haven't played it but i heard that the story line was shit and the fan base got super mad but whatever
    2020-11-18 23:15
    3 replies
    the story isn't bad, it's well built but people expected a different outcome and the game did try to please a bit of the sjw agenda. i can't really say why because it would be a major and important spoiler, but it was really frustrating indeed. the game does have one of the weirdest scenes i ever saw on a game and i did played a lot of weird games.. there's a sex scene that's capable of producing physical responses on the player out of so much cringe and poor choice words haha
    2020-11-19 00:09
    2 replies
    Dude, one of the devs made a character of himself in the game and he is having sex in the game. Says a lot about the devs...
    2020-11-19 08:50
    1 reply
    what? fo real? didn't knew that it was a char of the dev hahahaha, but then again, you have to not be normal already to be a dev so it's a surprise but not that much.. do you have any info about this for me to look it up?
    2020-11-19 13:27
    The gameplay formula has not even evolved since 2013. They added large open areas which making an illusion of open world, but to be honest it sucks so much. They said that they almost removed sequences with ladders. Ok, and what have they got? Codes to fucking cases. Boring as hell, over 25 hours of gameplay for this? Hell no.
    2020-11-19 00:19
    2020-11-19 04:23
    2020-11-19 13:46
    2020-11-18 23:09
    Didnt you hear? To be nominated for the game of the year,your main character must be a member of the LGBTQHGR8KBAJ+-÷% community or an opressed non white male,you must also have a white male as the villan of the game if there is one,if there is no villan,dont forget to mention how white males bad
    2020-11-18 23:09
    2 replies
    ooohh i forgot ... my bad
    2020-11-18 23:13
    Hey man, if you have such good brains (no sarcasm) to post such sarcastic comments, why do you post hate comments so often? You can obviously use that intelligence to post kind and nice comments, right? If the excuse is that other fanboys are toxic, you can't control the stupidity of others, but you can surely control your actions, right? Then why?
    2020-11-19 08:39
    fall gays
    2020-11-18 23:11
    1 reply
    2020-11-19 00:11
    who vroom vroom ?
    2020-11-18 23:12
    The last of us 2
    2020-11-19 00:12
    2020-11-19 00:15
    1 reply
    still cant instance gwd lul
    2020-11-19 00:29
    Ori and the Will of the wisps
    2020-11-19 00:18
    Among Us
    2020-11-19 00:20
    2020-11-19 00:21
    tlou2 deserves what other game you think deserves more credit then ?
    2020-11-19 00:22
    1 reply
    Every other game that was released this year
    2020-11-19 04:24
    Mr. Krabs Overdoses On Ketamine And Dies is a top contender
    2020-11-19 00:30
    2 replies
    It needs more content.
    2020-11-19 00:34
    1 reply
    it does :(
    2020-11-19 00:53
    2020-11-19 00:31
    they're literally milking the last of us 2. It's gonna win in most of the categories it's in and it's sad really.
    2020-11-19 00:43
    Heroes of might and magic III is the game of the year since 1999 /closed
    2020-11-19 00:44
    2 replies
    +1 and it still holds up to nowadays.
    2020-11-19 04:45
    still playin it !
    2020-11-19 08:33
    imo Doom eternal should take it. Im already not a big fan os the genre and the story on the last of us 2 was atrocious.
    2020-11-19 00:51
    It's between Valorant, Fall Guys, and Cyberpunk 2077
    2020-11-19 04:48
    5 replies
    None of those are in the main 6 GOTY nominations
    2020-11-19 04:54
    1 reply
    I'm joking...
    2020-11-19 05:04
    Cyberpunk 2077 can not be nominated at any award because it is gonna be released in December
    2020-11-19 07:57
    2 replies
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was nominated in the GOTY 2019 roundup, even though it was a 2018 game (Release: December 7th, 2018) The same rule applies to Cyberpunk
    2020-11-19 08:27
    1 reply
    That's what i mean. Cyberpunk can not be nominated in 2020 but surely will be nominated in bunch of categories in 2021. There is some rule about when game must be released to be nominated to awards.
    2020-11-19 08:34
    It’ll be a crime if Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t win.
    2020-11-19 04:48
    1 reply
    i can vouch for that
    2020-11-19 13:35
    Even the first TLoU was overrated af. Sure it's got one of the best narratives in video game history, the game design is great and all, but the gameplay itself is very linear and the mechanics are mediocre at best. The themes are repetitive and the sandbox feels hollow. Honestly I don't really see why people would rate it as high as "Metacritic's Gamer's Choice Game of the Decade" for a game that gets only one thing right. On the contrary, games like Witcher 3 or BotW, get a few things wrong and everything right but are still placed lower than this overrated garbage.
    2020-11-19 04:53
    2020-11-19 05:13
    Doom Eternal wins obviously
    2020-11-19 08:04
    Games aren't about mechanics are fun anymore, it's about how good the graphics are and how good the "story" is. Basically these new AAA games are Hollywood movies that hold your hand by pressing X/A to continue and you win with a story line. Fuck game of the years they're fucking shit, since the game of the year stuff is basically console Nintendo should be winning all of them because atleast their games are fun and they run smoothly and not everything is a FPS which does not belong to consoles.
    2020-11-19 08:08
    1 reply
    +1 Don't forget the Ubisoft formula of follow-the-dot-on-the-map-to-fill-your-checklist-of-useless-things.
    2020-11-19 13:39
    Persona 5 Royal was literally the highest metacritic game of the year yet The Last of the Dipshits is gonna sweep them metacritic.com/browse/games/score/metasc..
    2020-11-19 08:18
    3 replies
    Royal is literally the worst Persona
    2020-11-19 08:23
    2 replies
    and that's like your opinion man
    2020-11-19 08:38
    1 reply
    Hey Mr Lebowski
    2020-11-19 13:32
    Ghost of Tsushima definitely deserves it the most out of the 6 nominations, but seeing how popular Hades is there is a small chance of upset.
    2020-11-19 08:23
    2 replies
    Everything can happen. I was surprised when Sekiro won in last year, mostly because its difficulty and how game journalist whining about it.
    2020-11-19 08:39
    The only reason this game wasn't GOTY in my opinion is because it was launched too late in the year... that's gotta be the reason.. it does have some broken mechanics at times, but this was the best one for me too
    2020-11-19 13:33
    2020-11-19 08:39
    2020-11-19 13:33
    I think TLOU2 will win a shitton of categories, but not GOTY. Last year Sekiro was a surprise, against other irrelevant overhyped game I don't even remember. Perhaps they are not THAT biased.
    2020-11-19 13:41
    Yes, it's sad, but this year really nothing came of it, and even more sony have already brought them money
    2020-11-19 13:41
    Tlou2 is a rly very good game
    2020-11-19 13:43
    CYBERPUNK 2077
    2020-11-19 13:44
    hopefully animal crossing or doom eternal win because those are the only games i completed out of those lol
    2020-11-19 13:47
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