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    1% georgia 24 hours ?????
    2020-11-06 02:19
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    go cr4zy
    2020-11-06 02:19
    2 replies
    alien on hltv not from this earth
    2020-11-06 02:26
    2020-11-06 08:42
    lazy muricans
    2020-11-06 02:22
    Mad trump supporter malding xd
    2020-11-06 02:22
    2 replies
    im not a trump supporter nor a biden supporter idc i just came across this on twitter
    2020-11-06 02:30
    Whether you support Trump or not this whole thing is really fishy.
    2020-11-06 09:18
    rigged but Biden will take this, haha btw cry is free trump supporters I think Sanders would be much better than Biden
    2020-11-06 02:23
    10 replies
    Biden is actually super right leaning. But hltv kids don't even know. Sanders would be a typical leftist politician by Europe's standards.
    2020-11-06 02:26
    8 replies
    at least his brain is still functioning normally as far as I know
    2020-11-06 02:27
    2 replies
    Of course. I'm sure Biden got his hand a bit forced, i doubt he really wanted to be president.
    2020-11-06 02:30
    1 reply
    it only show how low and unmoral is politics that in 300 mln ppl country nobody sane wants to be president
    2020-11-06 02:37
    You must be a Jimmy Dore viewer too.
    2020-11-06 03:13
    4 replies
    Too progressive for my taste. I'm right leaning.
    2020-11-06 03:14
    3 replies
    In Belgium I'm right leaning also, but I do align with some progressive sentiments.
    2020-11-06 03:15
    2 replies
    Same goes for me, I actually never watched his show and only saw an interview of him. I shouldn't judge without giving it a shot, especially after what i said.
    2020-11-06 03:18
    1 reply
    He has some pretty good content imo, he doesn't go after the right or Trump; he focuses his content on calling out democrats.
    2020-11-06 03:31
    +1 +1 +1
    2020-11-06 08:43
    why does a country vote in another country?
    2020-11-06 02:23
    Well, Biden is going to be a disaster if he becomes the president. Since I don't live in the US I could care less, but this election is just really weird. People blocking the view into these counting buildings with wooden plates, random vote spikes (always for Biden). Just weird. Not very transparent.
    2020-11-06 02:25
    5 replies
    You know that dems are center leaning right? And biden is considered even further on the right. There is not much separating him and Trump actually.
    2020-11-06 02:30
    2 replies
    A lot of policies they're going to push are going to be left leaning. I liked Trump. I don't think he's without flaws. But he gave US a bit of ruthlessness, a bit of balls. Biden is a puppet for the democrats. He doesn't even look like a leader, someone who could push the nation forward and give them some confidence and balls. Just looks like a grandpa and most people probably perceive him the same way. But again, if that's who the US people want then that's who they're going to get.
    2020-11-06 02:45
    1 reply
    The people want Trump, the rallies speak for themselves, but damn these after deadline fake votes pouring in is just desperation to get their 130 million investment back
    2020-11-06 03:07
    flag checks out. saudi arabia of europe being brainwashed
    2020-11-06 02:46
    1 reply
    I live in Denmark and I've lived here for the majority of my life.
    2020-11-06 03:02
    this is too much edging , im about to fking BUST!!
    2020-11-06 02:25
    1 reply
    hold it bro it's NNN
    2020-11-06 02:40
    use nytimes dipshit
    2020-11-06 02:37
    Biden is frantically looking for more trucks
    2020-11-06 02:49
    sad for muricas
    2020-11-06 02:52
    results.enr.clarityelections.com/GA/1053.. Georgia has finished counting in every country. If a mysterious new batch of absentee ballots is discovered, it's fraud. GA is Trump's. It should've been called by now.
    2020-11-06 02:59
    14 replies
    +1 130 mill of campaign money pouring into Georgia for more votes
    2020-11-06 03:04
    1 reply
    That is literally the only possible reason why they wouldn't have called it yet. Captured that website on the wayback machine because I know they're gonna try and pull some shit off.
    2020-11-06 03:08
    Rofl yeah sure, and the gop won't be able to discover anything despite how obvious such a thing would be. *Unofficial Results – Totals may not include all Absentee or Provisional Ballots*
    2020-11-06 03:13
    What source are you getting this information? Every network and reliable reporting says there’s still around 12,000 ballots.
    2020-11-06 03:16
    10 replies
    This is a literal governent website saying every county has completed reporting.
    2020-11-06 03:29
    9 replies
    But theyre not done... Counties are still counting. Government fucked up then. Clayton County still counting.
    2020-11-06 03:51
    8 replies
    2020-11-06 03:53
    7 replies
    Here’s 1 but there’s other sources. twitter.com/nycsouthpaw/status/132453571..
    2020-11-06 03:57
    6 replies
    2020-11-06 04:01
    5 replies
    Hate cnn if you like lol. Go on every network.
    2020-11-06 04:02
    4 replies
    >Corporate media
    2020-11-06 04:04
    3 replies
    Haha ok bud.
    2020-11-06 04:04
    2 replies
    Funny how you trust CNN more than the government website Literal NPC
    2020-11-06 04:05
    1 reply
    Haha bruh. Just hope for the best.
    2020-11-06 04:26
    Lmao everyone saying let Georgia print more ballots for biden
    2020-11-06 03:03
    1 reply
    We aren't just saying it we are doing it! We put up that cardboard so we could do it in the big open spaces, it's wild we even started printing more money and having huge blood orgies on top of the trump votes before we throw them in the river.
    2020-11-06 03:15
    wish they’d at least explain why
    2020-11-06 03:22
    part of it is the GOP trying to stall for time in causing chaos
    2020-11-06 04:12
    to be fair, that was only on AP. on NYT it was still 92% by early today
    2020-11-06 04:13
    Why does Georgia vote for USA president? XD its like Israel will vote for Spain president
    2020-11-06 08:49
    twitter.com/Politics_Polls/status/132423.. Look at the vote difference dumbass its true it has been on 99% for 24 hours but they have been counting super slow Biden got 35 130 votes Trump got 15 756 votes Since we have know for weeks that mail in ballots are heavly democrat since by doing some simple math we know that Biden in the last 24 hours got 69,03% of votes how is that so hard to believe for dumbass trump supporters
    2020-11-06 09:05
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