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    Although I was cheering for him, I must say that it's getting really embarrassing for him right now. Like, let it go dude. Unless there's substantial proof of any fraud, what's the point of all this mess? Just concede and be done with it, it's not like the world is gonna end with a sleepy joe administration, especially when Rs still got the senate...
    2020-11-06 01:48
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    2020-11-06 01:50
    There is a video showing someone getting mad while counting ballots in Atlanta. Then he sudden;y starts balling it up and throwing it away.
    2020-11-06 01:55
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    Do u have a link?
    2020-11-06 01:51
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    i think he's talking about this one youtube.com/watch?v=kTKG7SwBUlI
    2020-11-06 03:20
    Cuz people that count the votes should be apolitical even if its hard to find such people just do it
    2020-11-06 01:58
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    So if he throws it away it has no chance to possibly be recounted.
    2020-11-06 02:01
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    Stopping the count is the right thing to do in such circumstance surprises me what sheeps can do for their candidate to win, nothings gonna change no matter who wins
    2020-11-06 02:09
    there's bipartisan teams watching it usually
    2020-11-06 02:05
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    Well Where were they when they were putting whiteboards over the windows in Michigan so no one can see the counts? This was right before the 138k votes only for Biden after 3AM CST. Also why wasn't security checking people bringing in coolers into the ballot counting areas. There is a lot of weird shit that happens which shouldn't have. I wouldn't let it past anyone to fuck up an election on either side.
    2020-11-06 02:09
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    there were people filming inside that room though haha lmfao, and on top of that the main entrance big windows were still open cmon bro. STOP this pls ffs xD
    2020-11-06 02:13
    i'm pretty sure that if you're looking towards finding reasons to find stuff is rigged you can find pretty much anything you want. fact of the matter is there's no actual evidence of fraud and what trump is doing is insane
    2020-11-06 02:13
    You do know that the observer bullshit was put to bed already in court in several of the states accused. When a lawyer from trumps administration was pushed on the subject by a judge he openly admitted there had been equal representatives from both Rep and Dems to observe. Good job on Trump trying to fake shit out to not lose. It's a sad state of affairs when a lawyer has more integrity than your current president.
    2020-11-06 02:39
    Name checks out. Still beating over the 138k votes which has been thoroughly debunked already. It was an input error on an UNOFFICIAL website where someone accidentally added a zero to Biden's votes from a county. It wouldn't have counted towards the official result even if nobody caught it. But the error was spotted and fixed in 20 minutes
    2020-11-06 03:17
    2020-11-06 02:29
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    2020-11-06 03:21
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    woah wtf
    2020-11-06 05:31
    Cheering for him, but you won't let him fight against voting fraud? Fake supporter spotted lmao
    2020-11-06 01:50
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    Well, so far I haven't seen any evidence of fraud tbh. There are some weird, suspicious stuff, but unless there's real proof of fraud then we have to accept the result lol.
    2020-11-06 01:52
    2 replies
    You think it'll be easy for fake news media to just serve you evidence on a plate?
    2020-11-06 01:53
    1 reply
    Definitely not, but without any evidence, it's just urs vs their word, unfortunately
    2020-11-06 01:54
    ye i was going for trump but from what i can see im getting bored of him he kinda reminds me of classic russian cs go teamate i fak matzer i kill fazer on repeat
    2020-11-06 01:53
    He is going to get his ballot and go home like the spoiled brat he is
    2020-11-06 02:26
    I'm loving this shit show kkkkkkk trump is insane, how can someone sane vote for this guy? Hahahahahaha
    2020-11-06 02:49
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    Just shows how stupid 'muricans are
    2020-11-06 02:51
    trump is just having fun let him be with his act kek
    2020-11-06 03:08
    Ez recounts, ez wins
    2020-11-06 03:09
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