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    Fake news media at it again
    Biden and fake news at it again, now they're creating a new reason to riot protest and loot called: "Count all fake and dead votes twice for biden, past deadline" Lmaoooooooo! Biden still struggling even with cheating. Biden jail when?
    2020-11-06 01:46
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    +1 ESIC pls investigate, biden use game deficit
    2020-11-06 01:50
    10 replies
    Csgo analogy, yes, this can work metaphorically speaking, he used game deficit aka 130 mill to pay people off
    2020-11-06 02:02
    9 replies
    Bruh Biden is using coach bug
    2020-11-06 02:02
    8 replies
    This works too, coach bug aka voting loopholes, since thousands of vote stations are not legitimately counting and also corrupt fraud Source: Rudy Guiliani
    2020-11-06 02:04
    7 replies
    why u so obsessed with america politics?
    2020-11-06 02:15
    6 replies
    I'm obsessed with keeping the world peaceful, and draining swamps. If Trump stays president, China becomes weaker and swamps all over the world who has control over polticians will either go to jail or lose control over USA, etc etc
    2020-11-06 02:18
    5 replies
    What difference u gonna make? u aint even american its not with you like?
    2020-11-06 02:20
    3 replies
    I'm earthian ??
    2020-11-06 02:22
    2 replies
    still cant vote in america
    2020-11-06 02:23
    1 reply
    I can still help humans wake up though
    2020-11-06 02:27
    China's influece grew like mad while Trump alienated America for the rest of Europe etc. If you act like shit your partners start looking at new ventures and move without you.
    2020-11-06 02:32
    is trump ban steam or csgo?
    2020-11-06 02:03
    2 replies
    Trump never got vac ban so he’s good for major
    2020-11-06 02:05
    1 reply
    Vac got infected by trump that explains everything
    2020-11-06 02:09
    Only in usa over 100% of people vote
    2020-11-06 02:05
    2 replies
    Only in USA people who were born 200 years ago vote
    2020-11-06 02:06
    1 reply
    2020-11-06 03:30
    Valve do your lifetime ban they match-fixing
    2020-11-06 02:07
    need to check him pc and game. but seriously, rigged af and i will pay the price cuz this Biden want to declare war on brazil to rob rain forest.
    2020-11-06 02:19
    cry is free
    2020-11-06 02:19
    4 replies
    "Cry is free" is one constantly used sentence to users who are complaining about something. But what most don't know, is that this sentence is actually a huge lie. As far as we know, tears consist of water and 0,9 gram salt per litre. And both of these ingredients are not free. Here I listed the price for 10 litre tears for the countries of the G8. I used the following formula (price is in US Dollar): (Price 100 gram salt/100)x9 + (Price 1 cubic litre water/100) = Price for 10 Litre Tears France: 0,20 $ Italy: 0,17 $ Germany: 0,19 $ United Kingdom: 0,22 $ USA: 0,18 $ Canada: 0,18 $ Japan: 0,18 $ Russia: 0,16 $ That means Russia has the cheapest cry. Thank you for reading.
    2020-11-06 02:25
    3 replies
    2020-11-06 02:26
    1 reply
    Tldr: Crys are made of water and salt. Both cost $$$, so cry is not free.
    2020-11-06 03:44
    2020-11-06 02:27
    He is going to immobilize this: youtu.be/FiWTNEKC9L8
    2020-11-06 03:42
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