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    I was watching the games and I noticed how annoying this guy can be, his voice, his laugh and everything, do you really think this guy is good? he seems to be a nice guy and certainly has a history in CS, but I just think he is a waste of time .. miss u henryG
    2020-11-06 01:02
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    2020-11-06 01:04
    You mean Henry "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH"G ? I prefer Semmler than OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH guy, even tho he has that fucking annoying laugh Anyway most of these tier 1 tournaments are streamed on polish stream with polish casters and we have really great casters here so I usually watch it in polish
    2020-11-06 01:06
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    Morgen and kubik are the only good casters, rest are garbage or cringe
    2020-11-06 01:14
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    Morgen is just the best caster i've ever heard and I don't care about the other guy he is casting with TBH Kubik and Hermes are also good, but yeah the rest are either bad or just garbage I liked Izak as well when he was casting years ago, IMO he was really good at it
    2020-11-06 01:51
    They're the 1 and 2 worst casters imo
    2020-11-06 02:07
    Sometimes it feels like he doesn't know what to say and he just says random shit
    2020-11-06 01:12
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    Really difficult to say something about game, when team saving at 1:10 or so.
    2020-11-06 01:19
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    It's his job
    2020-11-06 01:20
    3 replies
    But even football commentators making large pauses when there is nothing happening on the field.
    2020-11-06 01:23
    2 replies
    They never talk about their personal lifes or some completely random shit like Semmler tho They are talking about football stuff or something around it, never about anything else
    2020-11-06 01:54
    1 reply
    making a stream more interesting and having some personality is a good thing, no point in being commentator andy only talking about the obvious shit you can see with your own eyes
    2020-11-06 02:05
    Semmler is good it's just that sometimes his casting can get really cringe at times. But the Anders + Semmler duo is almost on par with Anders + Moses.
    2020-11-06 01:29
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    Anders goat
    2020-11-06 01:53
    His jew glasses annoy me the guy is suck a dork.
    2020-11-06 01:32
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    2020-11-06 02:05
    Semmler seems to be high every transmission, he sometimes detour onto an endless rant about something completely unrelated to the game
    2020-11-06 02:00
    Stfu he is good.
    2020-11-06 02:08
    1 reply
    I honestly don't see how anyone can think he's good lol
    2020-11-06 02:14
    2020-11-06 02:22
    You call semmler annoying and you want henryg back at the same time?!? wtf henryg was the most annoying caster i ever had to listen to.
    2020-11-06 02:25
    he is ok with Anders
    2020-11-06 02:32
    Semmler is easily the most cringe caster I've heard since Frankie, sort of, gave it a shot lol
    2020-11-06 02:37
    Anders best caster
    2020-11-06 02:38
    gaules fan kkkkkkkkk
    2020-11-06 02:40
    Anders is just as bad. Whenever a player makes a really really good play, he always says, "OH MY GOD (player name) ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?"
    2020-11-06 02:50
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