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    if trump loses
    republicans that want gun rights, most of them are rich and white that doesnt know how to lose, really scary on whats gonna happen, trump supporters are super resentful. A lot people already dying due to his irresponsibility on corona, and know his supporters with guns going to kill people bc their daddy president lost the election.
    2020-11-06 00:45
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    United States?Jaksin
    2020-11-06 00:46
    1 reply
    oh, so you're gay? that's nice
    2020-11-06 01:55
    nah, those dudes only act tough when there's no one shooting back. if they don't have crooked cops behind them they'll just shit their pants
    2020-11-06 00:47
    nah they're soyboys and won't do it.
    2020-11-06 00:47
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    United States?Bioax
    left people are the soyboys
    2020-11-06 00:51
    4 replies
    but trumptards are trying to stop the count because trump is losing? How is that not soy?
    2020-11-06 00:56
    3 replies
    fair enough but in general, the most left people are pussies
    2020-11-06 01:40
    2 replies
    yes the left are a bunch of sensitive snowflakes, and the right are homophobic and racist.
    2020-11-06 01:41
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    Based right
    2020-11-06 01:58
    Doesnt matter who wins, Murica lost already
    2020-11-06 00:48
    we get to watch and rl purge poggers
    2020-11-06 00:48
    nah most republicans are poor rednecks. There's the occasional tax-evading millionaire but it's mostly people who wear camo everywhere and have a shitty pickup truck and slam their cousin.
    2020-11-06 01:44
    I own 2 guns and I'm not republican fuck them
    2020-11-06 01:57
    Everyone own guns bud. This America...
    2020-11-06 02:08
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