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    Trump speech in 15 minutes
    Whats he gonna say? Will he lose his mind? might be streamed here youtube.com/watch?v=bwjhikkGjPU
    2020-11-06 00:14
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    He will announce himself as the World President #MWGA
    2020-11-06 00:15
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    Because Trump is definitely a globalist
    2020-11-06 00:25
    1 reply
    he aint no globalist, but he is GLOBAL
    2020-11-06 00:27
    > mental breakdown.exe > fraud claims > BIDEN > "we will sue" > "its not over" > coping.exe
    2020-11-06 00:16
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    United States?fowlyz
    Nah, hes gonna start by claiming victory then someone will tell him hes loosing and then all of the above will happen.
    2020-11-06 00:23
    He's going to lie about a bunch of shit... Basically, talk about mail-in fraud, lawsuits, and uhhh idk whatever random shit he says at the time. Who knows lol. If I was Trump I would wait for the results before going on a verbal twitter spaz but... Idk... His base will eat this up... Maybe protest some more.
    2020-11-06 00:17
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    +1 also funny how he claimed victory in his speech 2 days ago xaxaxaxa
    2020-11-06 00:20
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    Exactly bro... He's just spazzing at this point. He still got a chance but, maybe the writing is on the wall. Im sure he has access to some inside information.
    2020-11-06 00:22
    Borat for Trump2020 hahaha tiktok.com/@borat
    2020-11-06 00:18
    United States?clead
    Gonna pull another excuse out of his ass
    2020-11-06 00:18
    He hasnt lost yet, nevada is a flip and i doubt biden can win in any other state
    2020-11-06 00:19
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    What indication gives you Nevada being a flip? Nevada has voted for Hillary, and Obama twice... Latest count went from Biden being up by 8,000 to Biden being up by 12,000. If anything you'll want to hope for Arizona to flip.
    2020-11-06 00:21
    how are u guys not bored of this yet, it was fun to talk and watch on first day but now we already know winner
    2020-11-06 00:19
    He should just accept defeat and move on. Idk why anyone would want to be president in a divided country like the U.S, with an insane responsibility with the whole world, Especially in his 70s...
    2020-11-06 00:20
    The election rigging was a sting to catch corrupt deep state officials. It's all part of Trump's plan.
    2020-11-06 00:27
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