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    zowie overrated
    I just have a feeling that their mouses,monitors and especially mousepads are heavily overrated and overprice,can someone who is using their products confirm or prove me wrong
    2020-11-05 19:39
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    idk seems like that to me too However many pros use them so its really famous, i use logitech the higher mouses are costly in logitech as well(deserved) but the mid range ones are really good for the price Corsair is good too
    2020-11-05 19:41
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    2020-11-06 05:25
    i have a zowie monitor and mouse and they are great. monitor is good 144 hz for price
    2020-11-05 19:41
    idk I never used any other monitors to compare, but mice suck tbh
    2020-11-05 19:41
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    Idk I had razer deatharatte twice once it's Sensor failed I went wit zovie divina and doesn't feel mutch difrence mose just hase cheaper look.
    2020-11-06 02:07
    i read zywoo wtf
    2020-11-05 19:43
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    2020-11-05 19:46
    2020-11-05 20:27
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    2020-11-06 00:42
    Don't tell me that, I'm getting a 144hz Zowie monitor for Christmas :(
    2020-11-05 19:43
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    im just asking, not giving an advice to buy it or not , mens)
    2020-11-05 19:45
    Get AOC. Great quality and price! Bought 144hz 27 inches for just $300
    2020-11-05 19:52
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    I'll look into it, thanks!
    2020-11-05 19:54
    there is an acer and lg for 200usd lol 144hz 1ms
    2020-11-05 19:56
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    aoc has ips panel 144 hz monitors tho. that acer has tn panel
    2020-11-05 19:59
    Msi has really good and cheap monitors too
    2020-11-06 06:33
    Zowie 144 hz monitors are really great, I have xl2411P i’m not disappointed at all
    2020-11-06 00:10
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    That's the one I'm looking at getting as a kind of entry level into 144hz
    2020-11-06 01:13
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    I have this monitor . I got shadow trails behind moving cursor on desktop/while browsing and slightly noticable trails in csgo. Wouldn't recommend it.
    2020-11-06 01:20
    Hes bullshitting. 2411 best 144hz monitor, you wont regrett
    2020-11-06 01:32
    I have the monitor too, when you play games with less than 144 fps does the mouse feel laggy cuz for me it is and its unplayable
    2020-11-06 02:01
    It's a good monitor, only issues I've had with it is trying to us dual monitor mode with a 60hz monitor, no issues if you set the 144Hz to 120Hz while using it with the 60Hz. Might just be an issue with my specific hardware.
    2020-11-06 05:29
    you're prolly like a spoiled 13 year old who has never had too work for shit
    2020-11-06 05:37
    United Kingdom?fal36
    dyac monitors are very good mice have the best shapes but other companies have copied those shapes and improved the rest of the mouse for less money mousepads are alright. gsr is nice for a super slow pad and the gsr se is good but it losess its coating after 3 months then its shit and u need to buy a new one
    2020-11-05 19:46
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    why their mousepads are like 2.5 times more expensive than ss ones or hx
    2020-11-05 19:49
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    United Kingdom?fal36
    cus zowie is overpriced in general
    2020-11-05 19:52
    build quality
    2020-11-05 19:53
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    ss are also very high build quality,but they are way cheaper
    2020-11-05 19:54
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    ss is famous for having poor qc lol
    2020-11-05 19:55
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    zowie is famous for doing mices with glossy plastic lol
    2020-11-05 19:57
    3 replies
    im not defending zowie, just telling why they are more expensive they have a very solid marketing team and very good quality control i own ec2-a and za12 (both first benq editions) both mice work flawlessly after years besides za12 having a scrollwheel bug out of the box lol
    2020-11-05 19:59
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    +1 Zowie QC is really good. Steelseries and quality control doesn't belong to same sentence.
    2020-11-05 20:25
    lmao why did you even make this thread? seems like you're trying to create some argument over why zowie is bad lmao. the reason why zowie mice are so popular is because they have very very good shapes. i have tried steelseries rival, steelseries sensei. absolutely garbage quality, rival was completely fucked after 2 months, the mouse button broke, the rubbery was falling apart. absolutely shit mouse buttons on both of them, they were heavy to click on. sensei was a shit mouse too with a bunch of problems with the sensor spassing out. then i bought a zowie ec2-a, which i've used for 4 years. not a single problem, by far the best shape of a mouse i have ever used.
    2020-11-06 01:34
    “DyAc” is a marketing name for elmb (backlight strobing), it is present in the same conditions in every other monitor with elmb, power of marketing
    2020-11-06 00:29
    The mice aren't too special, but the shapes are great and there are usually shapes for everyone. I have a Zowie mouse and couldn't complain about it too much. The cable, scroll wheel and weigh aren't great compared to some of the newer mice and coating is kind of meh in my opinion, but the shape feels great in hand and that's what matter for me the most. As for the monitors and mousepads, I can't really tell about those since I don't own either of them. TL:DR Zowie mice feel good, don't own any other Zowie products besides the mouse bungee. Edit: I feel like most Zowie products are made to last. They usually last for quite many years without any problems and the build quality is just great overall. I had a Zowie FK2 before which I got from my brother and it was bought when it was released and it still works surprisingly well.
    2020-11-05 19:55
    I have Logitech G502 Hero really good mice if you have big hand
    2020-11-05 19:50
    I have 2 zowie monitors and zowie mouse for years and so far no issues with either of them.
    2020-11-05 19:52
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    at least something u dont like about them?
    2020-11-05 19:55
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    Side buttons aren't the best but that's it, if you are looking to get a mouse look up reviews online and compare a lot of different brands before you buy one. Most important being the shape and build quality.
    2020-11-05 19:57
    Zowie best brand wtf r u on ?
    2020-11-05 19:57
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    2020-11-05 20:00
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    sober & optimized just 2 buttons on the mice, no rbg, just 2 buttons on the mice, the wheel is good too for the monitors, u have the usb on the sides so it's good it's not that expensive
    2020-11-05 20:07
    2020-11-05 20:32
    I are not aware of this details
    2020-11-05 19:58
    Zowie monitor - best i ve ever used Zowie mouse - literally have bought the same mouse 3 times because of how much i use it Zowie pad - well it feels like the others
    2020-11-05 20:00
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    You bought Zowie because your god Niko is using it lmao. All you fangirls are pathetic ha ha. You buy something, because your idol is using it.
    2020-11-05 20:04
    2 replies
    Thats is the reason yes but i havent used only zowie and thats my not biased opinion, as a hardcore fps player i have owned a lot of hardware from logitech to razer and compare to zowie anything else is less quality than zowie, only downside of Zowie monitors is that they arre TN panels and the colors might be worse for single player games monitors like LG
    2020-11-05 20:14
    ive had a lot of logitech mouses such as g502,g305. g305 felt out of shape and tiny while g502 had a great shape but really heavy feeling, while ec2b is a bit pricey, it is really comfortable, great shape and light.
    2020-11-05 20:22
    pro's use whatever monitor they get sponsored asus tuf has much better monitors in terms of image quality/response time
    2020-11-05 20:01
    I owned only zowie mice, and they were really good.
    2020-11-05 20:02
    Mediocre brand. Logitech, Steelseries, Corsair make quality products though.
    2020-11-05 20:02
    4 replies
    You gotta be kidding me? Logitech and double clicks? Name a more iconic duo. Steelseries? I dont even need to explain that.. same goes with corsair. Luckily 1 month old leaking h100i v2 didnt destroy my whole pc.
    2020-11-05 20:28
    3 replies
    You can read on the internet bad things about absolutely everything. Only Thing i didnt ever seen bad comments about some quality issues is Sennheiser. Had problem with Zowie and its sensor though, like i had double clicks with Logitech G903. I bought other Logitech G903 which is improved Hero version and not Zowie. Every company have problems is some batches, but Logitech Build Quality and Craftmanship is on another level.
    2020-11-05 20:50
    2 replies
    Logitech is fine, if they really stop driving their hero sensor with undervoltage to extend battery life of their wireless mice. Which causes 50m omrons to double click. They fixed newer batches with gold plated 20m omrons, but it wont fix the issue permanently. Zowie had problems with their first PMW 3360 mice yeah. But main point is that steelseries and corsair mice is just a no no. I've used like 30 different mice in 2 years, and yeah i have a g pro wireless and a few different zowies. But best bet is to avoid steelseries mice really. Logitech just doesn't listen to community. Same goes also with zowie though..
    2020-11-05 23:48
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    30 mice in 2 years???? wtf is wrong with you man
    2020-11-06 05:25
    United Kingdom?Tormaz
    The screen is dead good. I have been using mine for years now and I still think there is no better alternative, if you compare all the little details. The only downside is that colourwise it's far from perfect, but for gaming needs? This is pretty much a quintessence of perfection. Mouse is also very good, the only disadvantage for me is that there are no wireless options now and if there will be one day - what's the guarantee that the connection will be even close to Logitech? Everything else, like precision, comfort etc. - don't think anything gets even close, probably Logitech gets the closest. Mat? Fnck that, tried once in a shop, not impressed. QcK Heavy for the win. I hope I dokazal, but mne was vpadlu to get into detali, tovariscsch.
    2020-11-05 20:03
    i have the XL2546S and i really think it was worth the price
    2020-11-05 20:03
    i had steelseries, razer, logitech and zowie mice, and zowie is definitely the best
    2020-11-05 20:04
    Screens are great no bs design so well thought out for competitive players. Mice have the best shape, good sensor and good build quality but are otherwise pretty mediocre.
    2020-11-05 20:25
    Having a Zowie EC2-B (CS:GO Edition) since maybe mid-2019, no problems so far. Had Razer and Steelseries mouses, so far, I prefer the Zowie. Not sure about monitors and keyboards though.
    2020-11-05 20:29
    I love my Zowie FK-1. I'm so used to ambidextrous mice now lol. It's lasted me a little over 2 years now. I'm tempted to buy a Zowie Camade because the $10 mouse bungee I bought off of Amazon a few years ago doesn't hold the non-braided mouse cable due to the cable being too slim. Their monitors seem a bit overpriced, especially since most if not all of them don't even have G-Sync. My Acer XB241H is still good after 3 years, but does have a line of dead pixels slightly above the bottom left corner. Their mousepads seem okay to every other mousepad brand. I'm still rocking my Steel Series QcK+, but it's a little over 3 years old and is getting dirty despite me having cleaned it a few times already. I'm open to mousepad suggestions of a similar dimension and thickness to the Steel Series QcK+.
    2020-11-05 22:48
    5 replies
    I dont even think its possible to be made a better mouse Pad than QcK lol. Maybe I'm just too used to it idk
    2020-11-06 00:02
    United Kingdom?fal36
    Artisan zero fx soft Bit bigger than qck and same glide Also doesnt lose its speed after 6 months like a qck
    2020-11-06 00:32
    3 replies
    The cheapest one is like $50 USD on Amazon and the other one is $120. Why are these so limited in quantity and expensive? I'd love to try this mousepad since it'd be something new for me.
    2020-11-06 04:24
    2 replies
    United Kingdom?fal36
    Cus its from japan so you have to pay imports fees When i bought mine the ppl refunded the fees ymmv
    2020-11-06 04:51
    1 reply
    True. But I'll be damned if I pay over $30 for a mousepad.
    2020-11-06 04:54
    I tried fk2 and ec2a, after everyone spoke well of this mouse not good for me. The materials or quality are fine, but I don't like the sensor. I prefer the logitech sensor
    2020-11-05 23:54
    1 reply
    Been using a lot of different mices and dont believe u can see difference in sensors unles you had 500hz on
    2020-11-06 01:40
    You can say their mouses maybe are overrated but their monitors nah. At least for competitive fps zowie monitors are the best. DyAc is an amazing feature.
    2020-11-05 23:54
    if you like the EC shape buy a model D Screens are superb i use a 2540 without dyac - dyac isnt needed so no need to waste money on it pads are good GSR-SE is really alright mid range control pad but always out of stock
    2020-11-05 23:59
    If you have small hands try out Razer viper mini bro. I got it 4 days ago the shape is perfect for me
    2020-11-06 00:03
    Have been using mouse for over 2 years. Literally one time it started shaking. I guess because of dust on the sensor. After I cleaned it works like first day
    2020-11-06 00:24
    no ive had a zowie mouse for 1.5 years so far and its very good
    2020-11-06 00:34
    zowie mice are low quality the only great thing about them is the shape,also the famous zowie xl2411 uses a 120 hz panel from 2013 overclocked to 144 hz
    2020-11-06 01:40
    Zowie xl2411 very good for cs, if not the best 144hz. Not as colourful as some others tho so if you play single players theres better monitors. As for the mouses you can say cords kinda sucks but no problem with bungee. Quality wise they are god tier, almost unbreakable Shapes are personal preference but still u cant go wrong with zowie Still I sold my ec2 and bought wireless and havent regret.
    2020-11-06 01:48
    mouses - they have the best shapes. PERIOD. the vast majority of pros prefer them over lightweight mices, for example, because they are robust asf which is very important when you spend a lot of time traveling to LANs (well not now, but you get the point) monitors - depends on the user. if you only play, they are perhaps the best on the market, if you do other types of work in between there are clearly better options mousepads - honestly people overrate too much about mousepads in general. more than choosing the X or Y brand choose the right surface/speed
    2020-11-06 02:04
    Zowie's big innovation was their focus on different mouse sizes and shapes for different grip styles and hand sizes. I'd argue that everyone else has copied them by now, and they don't have that advantage anymore. So, not worth the price. Modern mice have better weight options, as well as wireless options.
    2020-11-06 04:54
    Best shape and easy to use, no need for shitty programs. Thats why every pro use them
    2020-11-06 05:10
    As an owner and former user of the S1, I partially comply with the statement. Their mice feel sorta cheap, have way too much pre-travel for my liking, sensor isn't the best either, even my current driver, the Roccat Kone Aimo Remastered, has a better sensor and features at a lower price point. and software is sh*t. However, the segment where Zowie mice shine are the ergonomics. Like I mentioned previously, my current daily driver is he Kone Aimo Remastered from Roccat, and compared to my previous driver, the Zowie S1, it feels a lot heavier and bulkier. The S1, on the other end, was absolutely phenomenal when it comes to ergonomics. It fits my semi-lenient palm-claw hybrid grip perfectly and as far the ambidextrous ease, the side buttons are also appropriately placed so no issues there
    2020-11-06 05:15
    mice - imo really good. looks common but reliable and comfortable monitors - very good only for games/probably best for shooters, (colours pretty bad tho), so decent overall mousepads - idk, never used
    2020-11-06 05:32
    I have ec2-b mouse for 2 years, despite curving cable and cheap feeling plastic it still works fine, is light and holdy nicely. For example left click on my old logitech g502 broke after half year, however i think my next mouse will be something else
    2020-11-06 05:38
    monitors - asus > zowie
    2020-11-06 05:45
    Glorious mice are best. Only £50 and are very high quality.
    2020-11-06 05:47
    I have fk2 ec2-a and ec2 from zowie but dont use any of them. Glorious is better in every way
    2020-11-06 05:55
    Overrated but it's still good.
    2020-11-06 06:00
    vaxee np-01 zygen > zowie
    2020-11-06 06:21
    I have fk1 since it came out and it still works good and is my main mouse.
    2020-11-06 06:37
    Most pros use it because the shape is comfortable. No one cares about sensors because a good sensor is very common these days. Since their hands are going to be on the mouse for many many hours a day comfort is going to be a priority for them. Second reason is that no shitty software like synapse to deal with. You plug and play. That's it. Theres a reason why pros dont use razer other than the sponsored ones like taco. Synapse is shit. Even g gub is just meh. That being said there are other equally comfortable mice too other than zowie
    2020-11-06 06:38
    Zowie mice are just ok. They just offer no bullshit or gimmicks. Good sensor, good buttons (except side buttons, too much travel, but useable), ok build quality. Still, I prefer the EC2 over anything else I have used just because of the shape.
    2020-11-06 06:41
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