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    Question to smart Russians
    From talking to people you know etc. how much % of people would actually vote on Putin?
    2020-11-05 16:55
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    2020-11-05 16:57
    if we are talking about the last elections, then I think he would barely get 50%, maybe 55% or so
    2020-11-05 17:15
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    He got 76 (thanks to american hackers).
    2020-11-05 17:19
    2020-11-05 17:20
    if elections are holding nowadays in Russia i think he would have 60% as majority of russians firtsly get used to him and also they are afraid that without him begin innstability in the country, am i right?
    2020-11-05 17:23
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    fakeflagger detected xD
    2020-11-06 00:49
    From my 18-24 y.o friends not a single one would vote for him But from my parents and my friends' parents about 75-80% of them support Putin We live in one of the richest regions, in other regions numbers can be lower
    2020-11-05 17:37
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    Today Putin have probably worst ratings in his political career cuz young generation don't like him and people in regular regions are sick and tired of corruption. People in rich regions still support him cuz why would they change something if they live good
    2020-11-05 17:41
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    anyway who can rule Russia now otherwise than Putin?
    2020-11-05 17:44
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    Yeah that's the main problem. I don't like Putin but I don't see somehow relevant candidate Zuganov - communist Zhirinovsky - populist, radical and alcoholic (there's video of him drunk telling how would he change earth's magnetic poles by bombs so ocean will sink USA) Navalny - the most popular opposition supported mostly by 15-20 y.o. kids and very suspective dude, he has some crime history before his political career and unknown source of financing. Putin looks not that bad next to those 3
    2020-11-05 17:55
    7 replies
    Zuganov? What year are you from?
    2020-11-05 18:25
    6 replies
    I don't really care who is communist's main candidate tbh Wait, he is still the leader of KPRF
    2020-11-05 18:30
    5 replies
    He's not relevant for the good 15 years already
    2020-11-05 18:33
    4 replies
    He is the leader of KPRF, dude an he still working in politics
    2020-11-05 18:35
    3 replies
    Who the fuck cares where he's leading at? Like it somewhat matters
    2020-11-05 18:36
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    It fucking means Zuganov have his electorate and still in top 3 of oppositionists
    2020-11-05 18:43
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    2020-11-05 18:44
    Idk where you get your facts about Putin highest support in reachest regions, because by common knowledge, the trend is the opposite. Random sources: bbc.com/russian/news-53238574 visasam.ru/russia/rabotavrf/zarplaty-v-r.. 26-2.ru/art/355010-srednyaya-zarplata-po.. See Moscow, Nenetskiy AO, Saha, and other regions with the lowest votes. Now, the votes in the poorest regions are of course falsified to a higher degree, but the real trend is also there. Who the fuck would truly vote for Navalny in Chechnya? Or even like, Bryansk. (Some would, but lesser percentage than in say, Moscow). This trend is the same even within Moscow during parlament voting: CAO with the lowest EdRo support always. Further districts on the outskirt of Moscow with higher support. Hope this helps.
    2020-11-05 19:45
    1 reply
    I get it from my personal experience, just what I see from talking with ppl, and I'm not pretending it's absolute true. Thanks for information tho
    2020-11-06 00:47
    Which city you live in?
    2020-11-05 18:27
    1 reply
    I live in Tyumen, my family in Salekhard
    2020-11-05 18:29
    something like 60%, maybe slightly more
    2020-11-05 17:41
    78 percent
    2020-11-05 17:49
    talking about my personal experience - literally noone would, not even my grandma lol russia overall - probably enough people to get him legitemately reelected
    2020-11-05 18:18
    state workers and old people, idk the %, but they cheat anyway, so we will never know the actual numbers
    2020-11-05 18:47
    Most people I know support Putin, but apparently this statistics doesn't represent the whole picture.
    2020-11-05 18:50
    Never asked about it anybody, but i think people in my age (14-16 years) watching some videos of Russian oppositionist Navalny and watch some memes about Navalny and about shit Putin's politics. But i think they don't know about his politics and acts at all
    2020-11-05 18:51
    like 90% of old mans and womans cuz brainwashed by tv but it doesnt really matter more people dont like him than like
    2020-11-05 18:51
    Around 30%
    2020-11-06 00:50
    -smart -Russians Pick one
    2020-11-06 01:00
    Quite many really would. I have interviewed a lot of Russian ppl. They appreciate that he is a strong leader. And they can't see that he is robbing 150 million russian ppl with his friends :D Russia is poor because those 150 oligharks own everything.
    2020-11-06 01:04
    United States?5ylvan
    60%, more than a half for sure, I think.
    2020-11-06 01:10
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