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    Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov
    I am sad that we will never see that fight after being cancelled for 5 times. I know you will say he lost to Gaethje but Tony was preparing for months for Khabib and then it was being cancelled and it affects mentally the fighter. Not to mention Tony cut his weight 2 times in 2 weeks which drained him after 2nd round. Tony Ferguson would be the best opponent for Khabib but unfortunately it will never happen.
    2020-10-25 09:59
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    Would’ve been as easy for Khabib as all his other fights. The only challenge for him would be higher weight classes.
    2020-10-25 10:05
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    Definitely would not have been easy, but would win indeed. Khabib probably did not want to go higher weight class as harder opponents there. His normal training weight is +8-10kg from 155lbs
    2020-10-25 10:12
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    That’s what people said about every fight of Khabib and he barely breaks a sweat. There’s no challenge for him. Every fighter’s real weight is a couple of kgs higher and they just hardcore dehydrate and what not for the weight-in.
    2020-10-25 10:40
    Cutting weight twice and beating Gaethje would’ve been a fuck you to the ufc but he just shot himself in the foot. Still I wish Ferguson v khabib would’ve happened over Gaethje v khabib, I hate the way Justin let khabib pressure him and force him back, then he literally started running like he was already tired, i think Ferguson would’ve had the conditioning to put up a fight though not sure he’d be strong enough to prevent t take downs for 5 rounds
    2020-10-25 10:08
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    fight with Ferguson would have lasted 3 or more rounds, would have been an amazing fight. Yes Ferguson shot himself in the foot, also he did not try to grapple with Justin which is weird for me. People do not understand what is a weight cut and how detrimental it is to the body and then how important body for performing in the fight is.
    2020-10-25 10:10
    holy smokes, we have some serious fighters here. not just the fighters, CS GO analysts and experts as well.. not just cs go experts, but politicians too, psychologists and weight loss experts... cream of the crop is the hltv community, uh la la
    2020-10-25 10:44
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    Imagine thinking people here are one dimensional. It's a forum and get some balls reading other people's opinions. What a snowflake
    2020-10-25 11:22
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    maybe you have a point
    2020-10-25 12:51
    +1 agree
    2020-10-25 12:55
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