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    ZywOo's huge clutch
    South Africa?LustedSilli?
    Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut from Vitality pulled off a huge clutch against Astralis on Dust II, and he is one of the reasons Vitality managed to beat Astralis 2-1. twitter.com/DreamHackCSGO/status/1319717.. The score was 4-4 on Dust II and Astralis was one map up at the time. ZywOo also ended with a 57-45, K/D in the bo3 match.
    2020-10-24 07:29
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    Why you post stuff like you are a writer or something for HLTV ?
    2020-10-24 07:38
    10 replies
    Mod is still something, and his most sincere intentions are to popularise the CS and all of its habitants.
    2020-10-24 07:50
    forums are quite honestly dead in terms of cs related content. this is an attempt to hopefully get more people talking about it
    2020-10-24 07:53
    Lady nini and this dude(they are admins) do that as an attempt to make forums and hltv alive Well hltv literally killed it with their stricter moderation and new rules, so i guess keep trying till everyone turns into SJWS
    2020-10-24 08:00
    I like to engage with the community, so I post.
    2020-10-24 08:26
    4 replies
    +1 <3
    2020-10-24 08:59
    How come you use two different accounts for posting and commenting? or does it just not show that you're a mod when creating a thread? just out of curiosity :D
    2020-10-24 14:52
    2 replies
    Just doesn't show when creating a thread
    2020-10-25 07:33
    1 reply
    Oh ok, well thanks for the posts anyway
    2020-10-25 09:28
    Mods delete so many threads nowadays so they have to post something otherwise forums will be dead.
    2020-10-24 14:58
    1 reply
    2020-10-25 08:01
    0 ask 0 car
    2020-10-24 07:40
    3 replies
    no roads in Norway?
    2020-10-24 07:51
    2 replies
    we use snowmoblie
    2020-10-24 08:21
    1 reply
    oh pog
    2020-10-24 08:22
    That was insane !!
    2020-10-24 07:40
    i like how zywoo head follows the awp
    2020-10-24 07:55
    Man he is a fucking God. He read that like a 5d Chess Grandmaster.
    2020-10-24 07:58
    Nice clip, 1 hp, feeels bad for astralis man.
    2020-10-24 08:36
    At 1 hp he went aggressive down ramp. Was such 200iq play.
    2020-10-24 08:38
    7 replies
    he had to tbh, otherwise they would have pushed him from both sides
    2020-10-24 08:47
    2 replies
    Nobody else would do. It's easier to hold with AWP than peek at 1 hp.
    2020-10-25 02:44
    1 reply
    Peeker’s advantage mane
    2020-10-25 09:29
    It is because he was 1hp that he needed to fast peek and not wait to be pushed
    2020-10-24 11:29
    2 replies
    It's easier to hold with AWP than peek.
    2020-10-25 02:45
    1 reply
    ofc it is but he wouldve got insta traded if he held it
    2020-10-25 10:05
    and he died from grenade just after killing player on as. He knew he has to take risk, what a god.
    2020-10-24 14:59
    Who care
    2020-10-24 10:55
    4 replies
    2020-10-24 10:58
    insane clutch men))
    2020-10-24 10:59
    Cry lulvi fanboy
    2020-10-24 11:03
    1 reply
    Cry you donky belgium
    2020-10-24 11:23
    Not insane
    2020-10-24 11:07
    insane! Zywoo definitely grinding his way to be number 1 player this year
    2020-10-24 11:15
    They probably did not know his HP, otherwise the last one would have waited his HE to explode before peeking. This being say, amazing clutch indeed.
    2020-10-24 11:19
    1 reply
    they should have known he was really low, esetag tagged him up really badly.
    2020-10-24 11:55
    He isnt a disgusting fatty anymore, good for him. There is a reason why people who take care of themselves are better at videogames
    2020-10-24 11:22
    3 replies
    boombich/dosia are not ok with you :o
    2020-10-24 11:43
    2 replies
    Two examples out of the whole scene. Dosia isnt T1 anymore and boobl4, well.... Fact is that your brain works better if you're not fat.
    2020-10-24 12:57
    1 reply
    all pro players start to be fat at some point ( now it's gonna be the opposite i think with a real staffs who put you on sport/diet.) but on travel it's complicate to feed 5 kiddo with healthy food when they gonna see a mcdonald :D
    2020-10-24 13:07
    What an amazing play. Can’t wait to see what Vitality accomplishes in the future.
    2020-10-24 11:26
    Also zywoo is only 20yo, if we're lucky we'll have him around for another 10 years.
    2020-10-24 11:55
    1 reply
    He is actually 19 yo, soon 20 though.
    2020-10-24 13:03
    We win that match if the clutch doesn't happen. 100%.
    2020-10-24 13:00
    2 replies
    normally I'd agree with you but at the same time there were multiple more times in different rounds where Vitality just choked and should've won more easily. I'm thinking of two or three Apex plays where he had free kils on CT side and other completely failed long pushes on T-side but both teams were playing super well in the first half, a real nail biter !!
    2020-10-24 14:56
    2020-10-25 08:14
    2020-10-24 13:03
    +1 play of the year candidate
    2020-10-24 13:21
    2 replies
    2020-10-25 08:01
    1 reply
    2020-10-25 08:28
    why you do this?
    2020-10-24 14:49
    why hltv didnt make highlight video of that?
    2020-10-24 14:52
    s1mple 1v4 waaayyyyyyy better
    2020-10-25 08:01
    3 replies
    name checks out
    2020-10-25 08:16
    name flair checks out
    2020-10-25 08:28
    2020-10-25 08:30
    And yes mister impact had less impact than one player on the losing side - don't be delusional vitality win as a team
    2020-10-25 08:11
    ZywOO skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane....They need to check him pc and game.....Maybe he not cheating but maybe he using the game deficit ...and this cant seem on game screen..He needs to check-up....Day0s FPL Cheater with Streaming.....I think day0s still cheating...Zyw00 using game deficit on PRO scene ,ON BIG Events.Maybe everyone dont knows him trick.He incredible....I want to ask his where is the comming of your skill's ?
    2020-10-25 10:14
    Insane? No just stupid play by astralis
    2020-10-25 10:17
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