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    Bymas is God
    youtube.com/watch?v=KwJRZ1wrHDE youtube.com/watch?v=MlFMzWMq_0E Watch the two videos and you will know that Bymas is actually a very good pick. Spray control, aim and game sense all on pin point precision! Top_1 Incoming
    2020-05-24 05:29
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    You can find clips like this for any player given a large enough sample size
    2020-05-24 05:30
    3 replies
    No This was actually good
    2020-05-24 05:34
    1 reply
    Not better than any other player in the top 20 though
    2020-05-24 05:51
    He actually hit a lot of difficult angles and his headshot rate with pistols / deags are good as well as his awp flicks. Seems very precise while playing on high sens and versatile on all weapons. He can be a good pickup with more experience and I can see his fragging power be insta upgrade over 2020 olof.
    2020-05-24 06:09
    NiKo, Nikola Kova? from FaZe not the other niko of Australia fame, appears to be an excellent groomer of new, HOT talent. He gets them at a young age so when they mature they are ready to ride on top of the scene
    2020-05-24 05:32
    well furious got insane videos looiking like the next cs profigy there but on the pro scene it doesn't work as easy
    2020-05-24 05:33
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    robot aim?
    2020-05-24 05:48
    0.82 rating or smth on hltv XD
    2020-05-24 05:56
    3 replies
    0.79 rating 0.82 impact
    2020-11-19 08:34
    2 replies
    It was 6 months ago you clowm stfu
    2020-11-19 13:49
    1 reply
    wtf why so toxic
    2020-11-19 13:50
    that docc guy has cool clips too why didn't faze pick him i wonder??? oh yeah cos FPL highlights don't mean that you're a good player and you might just sit at the bottom of the scoreboard having 0 impact in every "pro" match you play with your tier9 team bymas has literally no past as a pro player he's just an average faceit grinder so don't expect much
    2020-05-24 05:38
    3 replies
    I think it is easier to play on pro scene if you are good individually as pro scene is more structured to be honest. If you have a good read of game(that he seems to have) you can obviously perform better on the pro scene than the FPL circuit.......
    2020-05-24 05:40
    1 reply
    you said it yourself: pro scene is more structured and that's the reason why he won't perfmor in FPL there's no starts, just basic executes, common site holds, maybe someone gets cocky and pushes something after 10 rounds but that's that it's basically like DM now in a pro match there are way more tactical elements which faze actually don't have tho but their opponents do
    2020-05-24 05:44
    what's wrong with d0cc again? Is he jsut toxic?
    2020-05-24 05:45
    compare him with actual pros like niko cold or rain, not on their level, he should go to a tier 3 team then tier 2 and maybe if he proves himself he can get into a tier 1 team
    2020-05-24 05:47
    2020-05-24 05:52
    2 replies
    2020-11-19 08:33
    1 reply
    Name checks out
    2020-11-19 08:37
    Bymas is GOD!
    2020-05-24 05:54
    lol we have so many gods in cs and still there are people who dont believe irl GOD
    2020-11-19 08:44
    Imagine thinking bymas is good. OMEGALUL
    2020-11-19 08:52
    I predict in a few years Bymas will become a star player, he has really good aim. Karrigan say that his aim is comparable to rain, I think if bymas just becomes more consistent + once he finishes school he will be a monster!
    2020-11-19 08:56
    I hope Karrigan will stay with Bymas and help him become a top player.
    2020-11-19 08:57
    another overrated pug star
    2020-11-19 09:01
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