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    i9 9900k 500-900 FPS in CS GO. It's good?
    I have 500-900 FPS in CS GO with my i9 9900k. I play at 1280x980 4:3 stretched! My PC: Intel i9 9900k, Aorus Z390 Pro, MSI RTX 2080 TI DUKE, Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200mhz C14 (32 giga); Samsung 970 EVO 250 giga, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 giga, WD Green 240 giga, SanDisk 240 giga; Sirtec High Power Astro 1050w Gold, NZXT Kraken X62; NZXT H500, Alienware AW2518H 240hz; 2 x Hyperx Alloy FPS RGB (Silver Speed), 2 x Logitech G PRO Wireless, Logitech G305; Steelseries QcK Hard, Steelseries QcK Edge; Hyperx Cloud Alpha, Skullcandy Crusher Wireless, Hyperx Cloud Earbuds, Audio-Tehnica ATH-M50x; DAC: Fiio Olympus 2. imgur.com/vVqSOAO imgur.com/EpbTy4N imgur.com/L0VwNfC
    2020-02-09 11:28
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    Flexing so hard
    2020-02-09 11:30
    14 replies
    and then playing potato res. with that sys i would run 2880x2160 lol
    2020-02-09 15:41
    11 replies
    i love 4:3 stretched, haven't played with anything else for a long time now I would play shit reses on that pc as well
    2020-02-10 12:34
    9 replies
    4:3 aspect is ok but 1280x980 ... come on
    2020-02-10 17:35
    8 replies
    you cant play any other lol
    2020-02-11 11:49
    6 replies
    United Kingdom?Newm1
    1440x1080 custom res is super good. try it
    2020-02-11 12:37
    4 replies
    I will try it men)) Is it justthe same but sharper?
    2020-02-12 10:27
    3 replies
    United Kingdom?Newm1
    yea pretty much. Like the quality of 1920x1080 with the benefits of 4:3 best of both worlds , not many people know about it as you have to set it up as a custom resolution in Nvidia control panel
    2020-02-12 10:28
    2 replies
    Okay ty men)) I have 200 fps anyways
    2020-02-12 10:42
    1 reply
    United Kingdom?Newm1
    nice mens)))) is best res. Thank me when u go pro mens)))
    2020-02-12 10:43
    Are you sure about that
    2020-02-12 09:30
    Best RES (or most popular) for CS GO = 1280x960 4:3.
    2020-02-12 10:20
    you're retarded and just proved you are max mg1
    2020-02-10 12:46
    2020-02-10 18:51
    2020-02-10 20:53
    5/10 too much fps
    2020-02-09 11:32
    Weird flex but ok
    2020-02-09 11:33
    are you #1 player yet? If no then useless setup
    2020-02-09 11:35
    19 replies
    2020-02-09 11:42
    one mad indian. poor indian playing csgo with a potato laptop
    2020-02-09 14:46
    16 replies
    Bro you literally know what i'm playing on ????
    2020-02-09 15:00
    2 replies
    Pukich, ti?
    2020-02-09 19:40
    me too....
    2020-02-10 20:27
    axaxaxa mad cuz rekt by potato pc player
    2020-02-10 17:44
    11 replies
    2080ti but ok. keep playing on potato laptop and mobile. indian loves pubg mobile.
    2020-02-11 00:29
    10 replies
    I don't care about playing shit games like pubg mobile.
    2020-02-11 13:44
    Who gives a F about ur 2080ti?He just said that u got rekt by a potato pc player and u try to flex with GPU :DDDDDD
    2020-02-11 13:58
    8 replies
    you clearly do lmfao. dont cry dude
    2020-02-11 16:01
    7 replies
    why should I? I have my own setup that i'm happy with :DDDDD
    2020-02-11 16:03
    6 replies
    i know youre poor. its okay cry is free
    2020-02-12 11:52
    5 replies
    Says the guy who can't use " ' "
    2020-02-12 13:29
    4 replies
    okay 'poor'lak. 'poooooooooooooooorlaaaak'
    2020-02-12 14:41
    3 replies
    i'll rather be a poorlak than a guy trying to make himself better coz of having a good pc,np
    2020-02-12 14:53
    2 replies
    sure thing 'poorlak'
    2020-02-12 16:17
    1 reply
    2020-02-12 17:58
    singapoor stfu
    2020-03-17 14:23
    Good logic
    2020-02-12 09:31
    What a dumb question ngl
    2020-02-09 11:35
    hey dude, where did y get your pc? I really want one like yours !
    2020-02-09 11:35
    1 reply
    he bought the parts lol
    2020-02-10 20:38
    intel in 2020 lul
    2020-02-09 11:36
    13 replies
    2020-02-09 15:42
    +1 xD
    2020-02-09 15:52
    2020-02-09 23:23
    2020-02-10 18:37
    ikr amd is so much better for house heating
    2020-02-10 19:42
    7 replies
    does brexit private the UK for acquiring newest Ryzen technology?
    2020-02-10 20:06
    1 reply
    2020-02-10 20:22
    lmaao i9 9900k prob. the hottest shit out there
    2020-02-11 11:50
    I think the shintel heater burned your brain a bit. like a nice hltv user told me before I quote: "Please commit oxiclean pls" I would advise to listen to that great advice and do as it says. have a great day :D
    2020-02-11 13:12
    2 replies
    get baited retard
    2020-02-11 19:29
    you got baited hard
    2020-02-11 21:51
    2020-03-26 19:43
    +1 big moron xd
    2020-02-11 13:10
    It's a crime to only play CS on that machine. Pls tell me you play something else too
    2020-02-09 11:37
    6 replies
    he plays minecraft aswell
    2020-02-09 15:43
    2020-02-09 15:50
    2 replies
    And Solitaire! :D
    2020-02-09 19:38
    1 reply
    Whats your avg. fps on fps benchmark btw? I have very similar setup different brands a bit on components. I have always wondered if it runs at optimal level. My avg fps was on last run something like 650. But ingame if you have action and smokes and play on faceit 128tick + ac, it does drop below 300, not constantly but in those high action moments when you would want the performance the most :|
    2020-03-17 14:30
    he also plays doki doki literature club on that pc source: trust me bro
    2020-02-10 17:38
    Hahahahahaha, that's true. It was so amusing for me to see people with dual and quad cores back in the days of 1.6 days. Literally, the highest workload for those PC's was CS 1.6...
    2020-02-12 10:25
    try to overclock memory
    2020-02-09 11:38
    5 replies
    Its fine on intel u noob
    2020-02-09 11:38
    4 replies
    shows what you know
    2020-02-09 14:41
    This memory can achieve 3600 without changing timings
    2020-02-09 14:45
    2 replies
    Indeed but he knows nothing xD. I've got 3000mhz kit and got them 3400mhz without timing change nor voltage
    2020-02-09 15:14
    1 reply
    you should go for 3600mhz increasing voltage and trying to improve your timings. go for it, men))) apparently you have a gold chip
    2020-03-26 21:30
    literally no one cars
    2020-02-09 11:39
    1 reply
    True cars overrated
    2020-02-09 11:49
    How, i have same setup but 400 fps lol
    2020-02-09 11:42
    8 replies
    He doesn't have 500-900 on a 5v5 scenarion at all times. Had the same setup fps can actually even go down to 250 sometimes.
    2020-02-10 17:56
    7 replies
    lmao get a decent cooler and fix ur gfx settings
    2020-02-10 18:41
    6 replies
    its not a limitation of the setup, its a contextual limitation and i won't start a thread on this
    2020-02-10 19:30
    People who think that if they buy i9 9900k will give 100% more performance than a 8700k in cs:go are just delusional, you get better average but not much better minimum fps
    2020-02-10 19:37
    1 reply
    You probably get neither. 8700K at the same clock speed is definitely just as fast as a 9900K in most games, especially ancient ones like CSGO.
    2020-02-11 13:49
    lmao u dont even csgo bro
    2020-02-10 19:53
    2 replies
    if an ancient 4690k is able to do 250-400fps on 5v5 then a 9900k should definitely be getting more than 400 + nvidia settings if theyre NOT set to performance it will lower fps by a significant amount
    2020-02-13 17:13
    1 reply
    well in those 250fps situation (like at start of old t-side cache for example) it is not really the processor being a limit, but inefficient engine design. the same reason why some old games run just as bad on new hardware as on old one (gta 4, i am looking at you).
    2020-02-13 17:46
    Nah I think 900 fps is wayy too less.
    2020-02-09 11:43
    Good man, I hope you use PC's potential not only in cs
    2020-02-09 11:43
    human eye can see only 60fps so what is your point?
    2020-02-09 11:43
    and still gold nova xD
    2020-02-09 11:44
    wow only 3200mhz ram dude?
    2020-02-09 11:50
    7 replies
    He has 32 gb so it's either dual rank or 4 modules, idk about Intel but on AMD platform it's a bit harder to overclock (than 2x8 single rank), so 3200 @ CL14 is not that bad for 32 gb probably. My friend overclocked 32 gb to 3400 @ CL14 on Zen (first generation Ryzen) though.
    2020-02-09 14:39
    6 replies
    lol dude it was sarcasm
    2020-02-09 16:18
    5 replies
    I know.
    2020-02-09 16:21
    4 replies
    nah.. you dont. Its fine mate tho
    2020-02-10 21:38
    1 reply
    Nt prokda
    2020-02-11 05:01
    2020-02-11 11:52
    1 reply
    2020-02-11 12:33
    i have 120fps and i still would rekt you
    2020-02-09 11:50
    18c lower? Do you live in Siberia? I have 27c low but 62c max on csgo
    2020-02-09 11:54
    Not as good as amd
    2020-02-09 11:55
    This probably is the best pc you could have right now
    2020-02-09 14:20
    14 replies
    3950x laughing so hard rn with pcie 4.0 and 95 tdp
    2020-02-09 14:46
    13 replies
    9900k is the best cpu for gaming right now
    2020-02-10 20:53
    9 replies
    He said it "is the best pc". Although its not
    2020-02-10 20:53
    8 replies
    it is tho
    2020-02-10 20:55
    7 replies
    ok Pepega
    2020-02-10 20:56
    6 replies
    which cpu gives u higher fps in games than 9900k ?
    2020-02-10 20:57
    5 replies
    which cpu gives you higher performance in almost everything and still on mainstream platform?
    2020-02-10 20:58
    4 replies
    You didnt answer my question. Ofc 9900k isn't the best for everything but it is THE best for gaming
    2020-02-10 20:59
    3 replies
    It isnt the best for everything and this guy said that it is the best pc. Stop pls this is meaningless
    2020-02-10 21:04
    2 replies
    but you said it's not the best for gaming so i wanted to know what is the best for gaming
    2020-02-10 21:15
    1 reply
    There did i said that? Man reread my messages please
    2020-02-10 21:16
    Bragging about PCIe 4 when you don't even fill the lanes of PCIe 3. Literally only useful for Nvme drives right now. OMEGALUL
    2020-02-10 21:04
    2 replies
    NVME on pcie4.0 achieve same speeds as a good PCI-e 3.0
    2020-02-10 21:05
    1 reply
    Thus far yes, but I think NVME is going to need gen 4 soon. Samsung is already out there with TLC and it seems like a lot of progress is going there.
    2020-02-10 21:07
    isnt good since you are ak+
    2020-02-09 14:22
    flex baiting like a boss. have the same setup with a 2080. alpha performance mens)) but still suck ofc :)
    2020-02-09 14:31
    Don't need more than 180 fps destory faceit anyway men ??
    2020-02-09 14:33
    Add more 250GB SSDs...
    2020-02-09 14:35
    3 replies
    Goes balls deep on everything and cheaps out on storage. NVME = no cables, faster.
    2020-02-11 12:43
    2 replies
    I have 2 x 970 EVO and NAS.
    2020-02-12 10:26
    1 reply
    is bad, men.
    2020-03-01 18:04
    And I would destroy you with my 300 fps ;)
    2020-02-09 14:38
    holy shit so much fps and yet suck so hard damn thats a whole new level of being bad
    2020-02-09 14:38
    2020-02-09 14:40
    what a stupid boasting boy, whose still playing cs with dat pc OMEGALUL
    2020-02-09 14:42
    1 reply
    I hate you because you pick pos 5 pudge
    2020-02-10 15:52
    imagine flexing with a 9900k in HLTV while even the cheap AMD 3700X beats the 9900k in CS:GO :D
    2020-02-09 14:43
    3 replies
    Bullshit! i9 destroy all Ryzen in CS GO. i9 still the fastest CPU in gaming, include CS GO! LTT: youtu.be/stM2CPF9YAY Russian OC review: youtu.be/LCdA-bLRAfM
    2020-02-12 10:30
    2 replies
    This. All the Ryzen fanboys only remember the LTT's faulty Zen 2 launch review numbers.
    2020-03-26 19:41
    youtu.be/dsbVSknUK7I?t=229 Also Zen architecture has + ~60% input latency.
    2020-03-26 19:56
    Shit headphones try again.
    2020-02-09 14:45
    1 reply
    What is it with all these kids and those awful HyperX headsets?
    2020-02-11 13:55
    imagine buying an expensive pc and than HYPER X as gear AHJAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    2020-02-09 14:55
    My PC: Intel i9 9900k, Aorus Z390 Pro, MSI RTX 2080 TI DUKE, Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200mhz C14 (32 giga); Samsung 970 EVO 250 giga, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 giga, WD Green 240 giga, SanDisk 240 giga; Sirtec High Power Astro 1050w Gold, NZXT Kraken X62; NZXT H500, Alienware AW2518H 240hz; 2 x Hyperx Alloy FPS RGB (Silver Speed), 2 x Logitech G PRO Wireless, Logitech G305; Steelseries QcK Hard, Steelseries QcK Edge; Hyperx Cloud Alpha, Skullcandy Crusher Wireless, Hyperx Cloud Earbuds, Audio-Tehnica ATH-M50x; DAC: Fiio Olympus 2.
    2020-02-09 14:55
    2020-02-09 14:58
    What's your average fps on 15+ player deathmatch servers?
    2020-02-09 15:02
    Imagine having a last generation pc and playing on shit res hahahhahha
    2020-02-09 15:12
    Nice CPU, probably you use it for VM testing and other stuff I hope. That GPU is overkill if using only for CS
    2020-02-09 15:16
    on empty maps yes go in game and you will hover around 280 mostly might even go down to 200
    2020-02-09 15:17
    7 replies
    I have similar setup as the op, can confirm that on 128 tick it will sometimes drop clearly under 300, but average is somewhere 350-450 usually, but very rarely even 500+.
    2020-02-09 15:27
    6 replies
    CS is poorly designed. If you drop enough smokes, like in the FPS Benchmark map, you can easily push fps below 150 on any setup. E.g. this test shows this well: youtube.com/watch?v=kXlenZk4Cbw
    2020-02-09 15:34
    5 replies
    its not poorly designed we just ask way too much show me a game that was made after 2012 that runs on 300 fps +
    2020-02-09 16:16
    4 replies
    that's pointless comparison because CS has shit graphics. look at how many fps e.g. wolfenstein gets despite having high end graphics: youtube.com/watch?v=25wbxQ8sEp8 also you are missing the point. it's not that CS overall is too bad but it's easy to break, again, just drop a lot of smokes and you will get <150 fps
    2020-02-09 16:54
    3 replies
    this is a campaign game not multiplayer where the cpu has to do lots of calculations and shit
    2020-02-09 23:20
    2 replies
    yeah, but it also doesn't have shit graphics. plus csgo being so cpu focused is just another example for the game being poorly optimized. it made sense a 10+ years ago when gpu weren't that powerful
    2020-02-09 23:39
    1 reply
    to sum things up the source engine was made 16 years ago LUL
    2020-02-10 12:44
    North America?joeS
    its not good you should definitely get rid of that immediately. send to my messages I take off your hands
    2020-02-09 15:17
    how much did it cost?
    2020-02-09 15:23
    Shit fps i have 1000+ fps i liked it a lot
    2020-02-09 15:26
    imgur.com/a/gGTwoJY you right now on this thread
    2020-02-09 15:28
    3 replies
    LMAO +1
    2020-02-09 15:44
    2020-02-09 15:48
    2020-02-10 20:58
    Not even 2x 2080ti What a poor guy
    2020-02-09 15:29
    imagine having a config like that with a Sirtec PSU OMEGALUL
    2020-02-09 15:42
    2 replies
    XDD wtf is sirtec?? never heard of that bs company hahaha people always cheap out on psus i dont get it lol
    2020-02-09 15:57
    oh no no no PepeLaugh
    2020-02-09 17:05
    wtf your from romania, how can you afford?
    2020-02-09 15:53
    not even 1000 fps lol
    2020-02-09 16:17
    no its faking shit
    2020-02-09 16:18
    attention whore
    2020-02-09 16:19
    this is just a giant flex
    2020-02-09 16:21
    That's so slow wtf.
    2020-02-09 16:54
    Sorry boy's! I have a problem, I saw all the comments but: "You haven't been active recently and cannot post more than five replies per day". I respond to "all" of chestions: 1. I'm a hungarian but I live in Romania. I have a business in the vaping industry (e-liquids), I'm the owner of Guerrila Flavors, a small vaping company situated in Transylvania. 2. I'm using i9 (Intel) because I build this PC in november 2018, but I bought the 2080ti in may 2019 and I sell my old EVGA 1080ti FTW3. I have money for Ryzen, but I'm only gaming and the i9 is still better in gaming. May be the 4000 series from AMD it will make me pass to Ryzen if they beat my i9 in gaming. 3. I play CS, but I'm a big Borderlands (1, 2, 3), GTA and Far Cry 5 (New Down) fan. CS GO is not my priority in gaming, but I like Faze and NAVI (and s1mple) and I watch the matches. 4. Yes, I'm flexing hard, I know. I posted this because are many comments on how many frames Ryzen gets in CS GO and I know that Ryzen doesn't beat i9 in Counter Strike. But the Ryzen 3000 series are better CPU's in productivity (3900x and 3950x), but for me only the gaming performance counts. This is an old video with my PC (before Ryzen 3000's come to the market): youtube.com/watch?v=nNxZnwg6R-8
    2020-02-09 19:15
    16 replies
    Man, your PC is amazing, valid flex, business must be killing(pun not intended). The one thing I don't understand is why the shit res?
    2020-02-09 23:43
    1 reply
    The shit res is only for CS GO.
    2020-02-10 00:40
    Ryzen is not better on productivity, is better on work that can be parallelized, which is a minor part of the whole thing. In most of the productivity workflows 9900k is still better.
    2020-02-10 12:49
    7 replies
    3900x is about 10% better overall even if you include single threaded software.
    2020-02-10 17:52
    5 replies
    You have no idea what you're talking about, but it's ok. Keep pressing cinebench test button if that makes you happy.
    2020-02-10 19:47
    4 replies
    You have no idea what you're talking about, but it's ok. Keep using word and far cry 5 if that makes you happy. reddit.com/r/intel/comments/dcam6a/phoro..
    2020-02-11 10:06
    3 replies
    It's funny how everybody who have no clue, always lead to this bunch of tests done by people who know nothing about workloads on those softwares. We all know that 3900x is better on parallelize workflows, I stated this before, funny thing is that most of the tests out there are about this, parallelize mathematical and physics test to infinity and beyond. Now go and try to find any software out there that's good on parallelized work and could flood 100% of all cores 24/7...You can only do that when you're rendering which is the last 10% of work you produce, so...while it's important is not what's more important, the thing is that you want to work faster and have faster response while you're working. Any big suite out there, like Adobe or Autodesk works better on single thread on most of their workloads. It's like you can see GOTV at 300fps but you only can play at 100fps (dramatization) with AMD when it's the other way around with Intel. If you want, we can stay for hours talking about how 3900x can win a minute for every 5 minutes of 9900k on rendering Arnold, but it will be a nonsense since a 1060gtx can win 4 minutes using redshift with similar end quality. Which at the end is a nonsense since you have a render farm to throw all of that, instead than your computer. Or if you want, we can talk how 9900k can win 10-20% on viewport compared to 3900x, which is huge counting that we work around 30-40fps.
    2020-02-11 10:41
    2 replies
    Why actually see the cpus in benchmarks when we can all listen to you. i'll email amd to quit.
    2020-02-12 09:18
    1 reply
    It's not listen to me, is just know what benchmarks tell you, but it's obvious that you see numbers and you don't know where they come from. AMD is better for one kind of work and Intel for another one, which one do you do? Don't need to reply, I know none of them and you only see 100% when you try synthetic tests.
    2020-02-12 12:40
    This, 9900k is often better for active work (for example CAD, 3d-viewport perf). And the 3900x is often considerably faster just on workloads that are much faster using GPU anyways.
    2020-03-26 20:36
    So you must drive a 2005 bmw, right? Please tell us your gf name & link her ig too, a house pic maybe? How about your parents? Must be from some old royal bloodline too Plm men, weird flex pe straini :P
    2020-02-10 19:51
    5 replies
    2015 Passat. :D Good flex pe pruncii s?raci with shit PC but with figuri on HLTV.
    2020-02-10 20:34
    4 replies
    Cum spui la modestie in ungureste, domnu' Coman?
    2020-02-11 15:34
    3 replies
    Szerenyseg. Toat? lumea poate posta porc?rii aici, apar oameni care spun c? Ryzen e mai bun ca Intel ?n CS GO, dar nu au avut niciodat? pe mas? un PC de top, de asta am postat! C? e plin de jeguri care au opinii neverificate. Am avut pe mas? Ryzen 3900 ?i o suge r?u de la i9 ?n CS GO. Nu sunt fan Intel c? nu am ac?iuni la ei, maine dac? apare un procesor mai rapid ?n jocuri ca al meu, poimaine ?l cump?r ?i nu conteaz? produc?torul! Ce modestie? Un am?rat de PC de 3000 de euro e ceva extravagant? E un am?rat de PC, maine mai cump?r unul! Dac? nu era plin de prunci rup?i ?n cur dar cu figuri pe acest forum ?mi vedeam de treab?, dar e plin de c?cat aici, de retarda?i, de oameni care nu au v?zut ?coala, dar au opinii postate ca certitudini!
    2020-02-11 16:40
    2 replies
    Dar ce ma bucur ca ati vazut scoala, domnule, adica se si vede cum s-ar spune. E o nebunie faptul ca va coborati in mocirla, cu tot cacatul, cu toti retardatii si ruptii in cur, dar cu figuri, care pot doar comenta despre ceva ce probabil nu au acasa. Si toate apropourile de mai sus fara sa ai cea mai vaga idee despre persoana careia ii vorbesti, in schimb, tu ai fost foarte generos if you know what i mean :> Si totusi, ca sa iti si raspund, unde e intrebarea in postul original la care te referi ca eu vad doar o lista... si ce facem cu faptul ca nu poti accepta si opinii diferite de a ta despre setup-ul tau? Sau nu pentru asta l-ai postat :/ nu te mai inteleg :( PS: nu te deranja bro, ca am regrete deja
    2020-02-11 19:14
    1 reply
    ?ntrebarea era o ironie. Sunt perfect con?tient c? ?i cu 250 de FPS-uri eram mul?umit, posibil ?i cu 150. Realizez c? un Ryzen 3600 (sau un i5) cu un GPU GTX 1060 de 500 de lei (second) ajunge ptr a juca CS satisf?c?tor. Referitor la opinii, le prefer pe cele avizate. Uite, nu recomand un mouse pe care nu l-am testat, la fel nu recomand un restaurant ?n care nu am mancat. Pot accepta opinii despre PC-ul meu, dar avizate. Cand lumea spune c? mediile de stocare sunt de rahat, e o generalizare aiurea. C? am dou? ssd-uri mai vechi ?i destul de mici? C? de cele dou? 970 Evo Plus nu po?i spune c? sunt de rahat. Alea chiar sunt considerate printre cele mai rapide la ora actual?. C? am monitor de 1080p ?i e rahat, c? ar trebui s? am minim 1440p, asta iar e o opinie de rahat. De unde ?tie lumea ce prefer ?i ce ar trebui s? am? Am avut ?i monitor de 1440p ?i l-am vandut, nu-mi pl?cea c? ?n Far Cry New Down sc?deau FPS-urile ?i sub 100 uneori, iar o alt? problem? const? ?n faptul c? monitoarele cu rezolu?ie mare sunt ?n majoritatea cazurilor ?i mari. Ptr mine 24 e ideal, deja 27 e prea mare ?i incomod. ?in monitorul pe birou, iar dac? e mare (?i am avut 4k de 32) trebuie s?-mi mi?c capul ?n toate direc?iile. Sunt foarte pu?in activ pe forum, de asta nici nu puteam posta mai mult de 5 comment-uri pe zi, intru s? m? uit la meciurile celor de la FAZE ?i NAVI. De ce m? uit la meciuri? Fosta prieten? era juc?tor de CS (nu ?n Romania; uite un motiv ptr care joc CS cu rezolu?ie mic?, am ?nv??at de la ea s? joc - culmea! -) ?i obi?nuiam s? ne uit?m la meciuri ?mpreun? (eu nefiind pasionat de acest joc pan? s? o cunosc, chiar nu am jucat CS GO ?nainte), iar dup? ce ne-am desp?r?it am r?mas fan FAZE ?i s1mple. Am intrat zilele trecute strict ptr meciuri ?i am v?zut o ton? de p?reri "avizate" despre hardware-ul bun ptr CS GO (de fapt certitudini aruncate cu non?alan?? de oameni care nu au testat fa?? ?n fa?? acel harware, repet, am avut pe birou ?i Ryzen 2600x ?i 3900x). Am 6 PC-uri (din care cinci la firm?), pe lang? fabrica de lichide ptr ?ig?ri electronice de?in cu un asociat ?i un mic atelier ?n care se fabric? drone sportive (folosim ?i imprimant? 3d). A?a c? am v?zut destul hardware ?n via?a mea ?i efectiv acea ?ntrebare e pus? ?n b?taie de joc! M? po?i acuza c? am vrut s?-mi bat joc de unii useri pe aici ?i a?a e, asta am vrut! Scuze ptr deranj ?i ??i doresc o sear? fain?!
    2020-02-11 22:49
    My PC: Intel i9 9900k, Aorus Z390 Pro, MSI RTX 2080 TI DUKE, Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200mhz C14 (32 giga); Samsung 970 EVO 250 giga, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 giga, WD Green 240 giga, SanDisk 240 giga; Sirtec High Power Astro 1050w Gold, NZXT Kraken X62; NZXT H500, Alienware AW2518H 240hz; 2 x Hyperx Alloy FPS RGB (Silver Speed), 2 x Logitech G PRO Wireless, Logitech G305; Steelseries QcK Hard, Steelseries QcK Edge; Hyperx Cloud Alpha, Skullcandy Crusher Wireless, Hyperx Cloud Earbuds, Audio-Tehnica ATH-M50x; DAC: Fiio Olympus 2.
    2020-02-09 23:22
    holy fuck man!)
    2020-02-09 23:24
    1 reply
    how match u have elo?
    2020-02-09 23:24
    Virgin kingdom
    2020-02-09 23:25
    What’s the point of this flex? To show you got a set up with some ssd and hhd that can nearly instal 1 full game ? But good trying to impress the internet. Reality check no one gives 2 fcks. Except me for noticing you would spend $$$$$ on everything but use some old storage.
    2020-02-09 23:26
    1 reply
    I have an Samsung 970 Evo 250 giga (for system) and 970 Evo Plus 500 giga = old storage? Yes, the other two ssd's are three years old 240 giga SATA's, but my real storage is on NAS.
    2020-02-10 00:38
    people have this years ago
    2020-02-10 00:39
    1 reply
    Yes, is an 1 year old PC, it's not new!
    2020-02-10 00:41
    overkill for cs
    2020-02-10 12:33
    cool. Mine is still better you fucking scrub
    2020-02-10 12:50
    2 replies
    Fuck 100 Shit fan! :D
    2020-02-10 15:47
    1 reply
    Nice s0mple 0 major fan! :D
    2020-02-10 20:16
    nice pc men :) i always wanted an pc like this
    2020-02-10 15:50
    500-900 fps excuse me? how? I have only 250-400
    2020-02-10 15:53
    5 replies
    With 9900k?
    2020-02-10 20:57
    4 replies
    Yes and rtx 2080ti But it uses only 40% of GPU and CPU
    2020-02-11 14:01
    3 replies
    5ghz 9900k? Maybe it throttle cus of bad case airflow? What is your case, motherboard and ram?
    2020-02-11 20:37
    2 replies
    z390 aorus ultra nzxt h510 elite ram 32gb (4x8gb) 3400mhz CL15
    2020-02-12 10:25
    1 reply
    Well i don't get how you didn't reach 400 fps with that system.
    2020-02-12 11:58
    And here I am using my iMac that was probably worth the same price with 60fps in cs
    2020-02-10 16:00
    uncapped fps in 2020 lul
    2020-02-10 16:09
    2 replies
    I play with the standard setting, but here is for demonstration with fps_max 999.
    2020-02-10 17:41
    1 reply
    2020-02-10 18:35
    i only play on 280fps with my i7-7700k sad times men(((
    2020-02-10 17:37
    i bet u only play csgo and maybe one more game.
    2020-02-10 17:47
    You won't get a constant +500fps in a typical game, this is a cherrypicked screenshot on a quiet/empty map source: someone with an i9 9900k and 2080ti
    2020-02-10 17:58
    3 replies
    5/5 map. 10 players.
    2020-02-10 18:56
    2 replies
    Let's put it this way, you still won't get a constant +500 fps with stuff happening on the screen with trading and smokes etc. Anyone can take several screenshots and upload the one with the highest fps.
    2020-02-10 19:01
    1 reply
    With OC on i9 to 5.1 all cores, with OC on RAM to 3800, newer drop under 370-400 FPS (with 900+ max, limited to 999; fps_max 999). But I play in default configuration with i9 and 2080ti, it's enough, I don't want OC. I tested my PC with extreme OC (my i9 is delidded for better temperatures and better performance in OC), but I realise that I don't need OC.
    2020-02-10 19:17
    lol i have a i7-9700k and a 2070 super and play 1920x1080 with all on max and play around 450 fps/500
    2020-02-10 17:58
    "it's good?"
    2020-02-10 18:36
    Amazing (for CS). But you should have gone Rysen for everything else.
    2020-02-10 18:40
    1 reply
    Russian plane crash-lands and skids across icy runway before almost 100 passengers are forced to evacuate via emergency slides
    2020-02-10 20:52
    i got +1100 fps with r5 2600 + rx590 ez
    2020-02-10 18:41
    buy 9900k, 2080ti, play csgo with 4:3 flag checks out
    2020-02-10 18:49
    weird flex but okay
    2020-02-10 19:26
    No only 1000+ fps is acceptable. Try again.
    2020-02-10 19:38
    9900k and 1080 ti here, capping my fps at 300, no point going higher.
    2020-02-10 19:54
    1 reply
    True because most monitor support 240hz or lower so there is no need to waste extra performance and such
    2020-02-10 20:29
    - PSU has overkill wattage and is not high quality - You have no good headphones and still got a DAC which will have very minimal, if any effect on sound quality - Single monitor, one of the cheapest 240hz you can get, not even 1440p, are you for real? - Your storage does not make any sense what so ever - Yes you have 700fps on mirage on local 64tick server, on Nuke/Inferno/Cache 5v5 with smokes and mollies you will have around 300 - No external mic, don't you have any friends to play with? - Learn how to take a screenshot
    2020-02-10 20:01
    1 reply
    - yes, it's not the best PSU, but still Gold and it's from my old PC with 2 x 1080ti. - ATH M50x is a good headphone, I'm guitarist and I use the headphone for recording. - single monitor and I don't want 1440p. It's good, 240hz. - 970 Evo 250 giga for system and 970 Evo Plus 500 giga = best! The other two are from my old PC, but I use NAS storage. - enough FPS for CS, the i9 is still the king in gaming! - I'm musician, I have mic: Shure Beta 58a. But not for gaming. :D - win + Print Screen.
    2020-02-10 20:47
    U playing at 64 tick lol Try 128 tick and your fps will be 300-400 at the best
    2020-02-10 20:23
    It is useless when you play with 100+ ping over here.
    2020-02-10 20:36
    While combating, the fps will 100% drop to 250 or even lower sometimes. Source : streams of n0thing, FalleN and others.
    2020-02-10 20:42
    But why so many ssds? just get a 2 or 4 tb one
    2020-02-10 20:43
    If you go on D2 on a private server by yourself go into upper and just stare at the wall you will have 800-900 fps, and i have a 9600k.
    2020-02-10 20:45
    Water cooler overpriced shit, PSU has low quality, and also you can flex with money, but you could spend it to someone who really needs it, and build a pc with third of the money, which runs csgo 500-600 fps
    2020-02-10 20:46
    1 reply
    Igen! :D
    2020-02-10 20:49
    stop flexing on poor dudes
    2020-02-10 20:49
    Try again - When u have a 2080 ti SLI setup
    2020-02-10 20:50
    Meanwhile I gotta go to fucking Internet Caffes to play CS because my laptop got busted and I cant afford anything decent. FeelsBadMan
    2020-02-11 05:11
    why so many mice and headsets
    2020-02-11 10:41
    but you're romanian how can you afford all of this~?
    2020-02-11 10:47
    Are you DJ?
    2020-02-11 11:22
    weird flex but ok
    2020-02-11 11:45
    who cars
    2020-02-11 11:47
    the most funny it's thinking he have more than 500fps all time :) he is like everybody dropping under 300 on some part of the map in 5v5 !!
    2020-02-11 12:58
    Yep. it's ok. Source Engine is a very old engine, and it's not optimized very well for 8/16 and more cores. So, just wait for Source 2
    2020-02-11 13:13
    1 reply
    I wouldn't say it's not optimized. It's hitting 500-900 FPS. There's basically not many other engines that even attempt to try and render at those rates. They hard cap or are just unable to hit it at all. One would argue it has no need for extra cores because it doesn't need it.
    2020-02-12 09:25
    I bet you play on a 50 hz monitor
    2020-02-11 13:16
    You spent so much but only have 3200Mhz memory. At least overclock to 4000+
    2020-02-11 13:50
    MAn this made me cringe,
    2020-02-11 13:52
    Do you have a 300+HZ monitor?
    2020-02-11 13:57
    What monitor? And btw you don't need a 1000+ watt PSU for your computer, 850 is good enough
    2020-02-11 14:02
    2020-02-11 16:42
    The cringe is real
    2020-02-11 17:46
    why type out full specs retard? atleast provide us with what shoes you're using while gaming so we can help? also i manage 1k fps at same res w/o stretch with 3700X and 1080 TI gg ez
    2020-02-12 09:20
    2 replies
    Retard shit! 3700x suck in CS GO! LTT: youtu.be/stM2CPF9YAY
    2020-02-12 10:32
    1 reply
    2020-02-12 11:19
    givem oney
    2020-02-12 10:28
    PC cost in euro?
    2020-02-12 10:44
    2 replies
    3000+ (april 2019)
    2020-02-12 19:21
    1 reply
    so good, thanks. now I will take smth like that!
    2020-02-12 23:21
    you need only stabil 245 fps and maybe max 270-300fps. You dont need over 300fps. Better have 245 stabil fps in every fight situation and smokes. over 300fps your cpu get hot. Its not so good run him on max. he will die sooner. GPU can run on Max. CPU max 50%
    2020-02-12 10:51
    not super 2080ti? get good pls uninstall
    2020-02-12 10:58
    try 1440x1080 res, much better and more sharp
    2020-02-12 19:25
    nice rig but you need more gibas
    2020-02-12 23:24
    That moment when you realize that you could play csgo +300fps with 1/4 of the money you spend there. I hope you have a 4k monitor so you can enjoy that 1280x960 resolution, even more!!
    2020-03-01 18:08
    Everybody can have 800 FPS with a decent minimum processor in a map where there is nobody with fps_max 0, however I would like to see your minimum FPS in a Deathmatch on D2 in front of the double doors of the mid for example, you should normally go down to 240 250 fps.
    2020-03-02 15:05
    Nobody called this phony on lying yet? Take a picture of your pc inside, with a paper saying hltv and your username on it. Should not take more than 1 minute. I bet you can't because you lie lmaooo
    2020-03-03 11:07
    1 reply
    Not sure how you can spot each component spec from the picture? :D I have very similar setup, but the only thing I call him on is the performance he claims. If you play faceit so that its 128 tick + anticheat, you will run down to below 300 fps as low as 250, when you have lot of action and smokes going on, like lets say you are at ticket on mirage a as ct and there is a execute. Way below 300. So its bullshit to claim fps 500-900 and show screenshot from empty server. Fps benchmark is a lot more stable test environment, where i get something like 650 avg. Still have those drops in actual game. My rig is similar to op: i9-9900k Asus maximus XI hero DDR4 3200mhz CL16 (!) Gigabyte 2080ti FE
    2020-03-17 14:36
    We are still waiting you phony
    2020-03-05 08:26
    Still waiting for this fake Romanian poor gipsy to show that rig
    2020-03-12 15:58
    8 replies
    Auzi s?racule, crezi c? toat? lumea e rupt? ?n cur ca tine?
    2020-03-26 19:29
    2020-03-26 19:31
    5 replies
    Si atunci de ce simti nevoia se te lauzi pe un forum cocalar infect ce esti :)) Tigania asta din tine ii ce tine Romania inca in jos ca sunteti peste tot. Casa pica pe voi si va luati calculatoare sa va laudati pe internet cand la voi in frigider o felie de sunca expirata de doua zile lmao
    2020-03-27 13:11
    4 replies
    Am explicat mai sus, nu ?ineam s? m? laud, dar eram s?tul de porc?ria cu Ryzen mai bun ca i9 ?n CS GO. Nu, Ryzen are lag ?i nu scoate FPS-uri ca i9. ?i nu pic? casa pe mine, nu am frigiderul gol. Mai mult, calculatorul ?sta e vechi, are deja peste un an, deci nu e demn de laud?, dar tot bate orice Ryzen ?n jocuri. Iar faptul c? tu asociezi Romania cu s?r?cia, iar automat spui c? rom?nii sunt s?raci ?i tigani, ce e? A, poate tu e?ti un sclav din diaspora luminat? ?i ne aduci lumin? ?i COVID-19. :D
    2020-03-27 13:24
    2 replies
    Da da da incearca cocalarul sa se scoata acum. Ce plm are I9 v Ryzen de a face cu mouse, tastatura, casti si monitor? :)))) ai vrut sa te incordezi fi serios Tipic tiganie. Mai bine iti luai un seria 3 vere cu volan pe dreapta, asa mai avea o sansa ca o pitipoanca ieftina sa te suga. Asa, ai primit niste aplauze de la 5 grasi pe HlTV
    2020-03-27 18:18
    1 reply
    Am seria 3 cu volan normal. ?i am dreptul s? fiu coc?lar ?i bombardier. Ce, tu nu po?i? Nu ai cu ce? Puteam s?-mi "?ncord" calculatorul ?i ?n urm? cu un an, atunci ar fi f?cut mai multe furori.
    2020-03-27 18:24
    Dac? doream s? m? laud o f?ceam acu un an cand calculatorul era nou ?i abia erau ca?iva care de?ineau o astfel de configura?ie. C? uite, video-ul ?la e din iulie anul trecut, iar acest PC l-am construit ?n noiembrie 2018 (ini?ial am avut un EVGA GTX 1080ti FTW3). Dar nu m-am l?udat cu el atunci, ?ns? mi-a s?rit mu?tarul cu ??tia care spun c? Ryzen bate i9 ?n jocuri. Nu, nu bate, dac? ar bate a? lua Ryzen ast?zi, c? ?mi permit.
    2020-03-27 13:36
    imagine playing cs:go in 2020 xD
    2020-03-12 15:59
    Ship me that rig
    2020-03-17 14:21
    Nice PC, but if I had such a pc, I would play new FPS-games in 1080p 150fps.
    2020-03-19 08:02
    yes thats good
    2020-03-26 21:08
    I have a i9 9900K aswell and since most people play on low resolutions, this translates to 1024x768 everything low gives 520 average fps in this map, max FPS I've had in competitive matches is 1100 on some spots. Asus maximus xi hero and 4600mhz kingston hyperx predator rgb ram
    2020-04-02 11:54
    Give rig I M M E D I A T E L Y mens))
    2020-04-02 11:55
    Izako Boars
    Wisla Krakow
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